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Love Island’s Catherine Agbaje: Age, family, profile, social media and more

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Love Island 2023 summer edition is here.

The show on everyone’s lips sees single contestants couple up with who they think they are compatible with, explore the relationship, stick by it or move on – all in the space of 2 intense months.

Catherine Agbaje is one of these contestants who says she has never been in a relationship but had been in many “situationships.”

Find out all about her here.

Catherine’s real name, age and family

Catherine is a 23 year old Irish who was born in Dublin, Ireland, but now based in the United Kingdom. She revealed to Andre on the show that she is of Yoruba, Nigerian heritage, to which Andre asked “So you are a Yoruba demon?”

Yoruba demon is a slang for an individual of Yoruba descent, initially used to categorise men, who had the gift to make women fall helplessly in love with them.

Catherine moved to the London, UK in 2021, to acquire a master’s degree in Real Estate Development and Investment, and decided to continue living there. Prior to that she attended and graduated from Maynooth University in Ireland from 2018 – 2021, with a BA in Psychology and Sociology.

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Nigerian, Catherine Agbaje is on Love Island UK, season 10. Source: Instagrm

Catherine now works for South London Estate agents, KALMARS, where she negotiates the buying, selling, or leasing of properties, as well as advice and guide clients as a commercial consultant.

Before KALMARs, she worked as a part time sales consultant at Field the Jeweller for three years from 2018, while pursuing her Bachelor’s degree.

Catherine’s famous Love Island Friend

On YouTuber, Murad Merali’s show, a certain Love Islander of season 9 winter series, Tanya Manhenga claimed she knows Catherine.

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When Murad asked: “How do you know her?”

She replied: “My friends, all of them are Nigerian Irish, she is Nigerian Irish so that’s is how I know her through them. She is going to be very interesting cus she is a very…she is fiery…”

Catherine’s social media

As of 18th June, Catherine had over 35.2k Instagram and 1,512 TikTok followers. Based on her social media, Catherine loves the “soft life”, looking good and travelling.

Catherine’s social media handles are: TikTok – @catherineagbaje, Instagram – catherine_agbaje

Collapsing in Love Island Villa

It is believed that Catherine collapsed during filming of one of Love Island’s episodes.

Just a few hours into filming, while the show’s presenter Maya Jama was in the middle of delivering a bombshell news, Catherine started to become unwell and allegedly this may have been due to nerves, hot weather or not eating enough.

The paramedics were called, she was attended to and happy to continue her journey on the show.

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Catherine’s Love Island Intro

For her introduction into Love Island, Catherine said:

“I do not look this glam at work. If someone saw me now, they would be like what, this is not the same person that showed me the shop.

“My name is Catherine, I am 23, I am from Dublin and am a Commercial Real Estate Agent.

So I basically been single forever, it’s quite bad, all I do is situationships. When I flirt, I just have to give people the eyes, open my mouth say a few words, and they are like o my God, where are you from and then yah its done.

Like I have had people say to me just send me voice notes of you speaking and am like “ok” [laughs]

In the Love Island villa, I will be fierce, I will be confident, I will be funny, I will be myself, you will love me”

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