Could this be Efe Martin’s 419 template used to catch people?

Efe Martins is alleged to have been part of Hushpuppi’s gang arrested on June 10th. While the FBI has not come officially charged the Edo Ambassador, a group called ScamWarners may have put this Efe on the map as a scammer to beware. In exposing him, the group showed the email template used to tempt […]

Is the Whatsapp rumour: “Settlement Refugee or humanitarian protection and Windrush Damage control” true?

An immigration rumour surrounding people with no documents being eligible for Indefinite Leave to Remain is circulating on WhatsApp. Even people not eligible when you look at the criteria are being pushed to go ahead and apply. There is the saying that there is nothing impossible, so is there a chance that the rumors are true?

Viral video of man filming his own death while making a “quicksand” escape video: Did he really die?

The video of a man jumping into a quicksand supposedly filming an ‘how to escape’ video has gone viral. The video – somewhat disturbing – shows the man gradually sinking into the quicksand, never coming back up and presumed dead as the clip ends abruptly. Rumour is that he died, since no follow up […]

See negotiating skills! Oyinbo price banana and groundnut with road sellers

As the sellers refuse his first negotiation, the pidgin speaking white man responds to the seller with: “God punish your enemy” before continuing his stance on ₦1,200 for a ₦1,600 banana. He eventually moves on to negotiating groundnut, insulting and laughing his way through with the sellers. Who won the negotiation in the end?

Man narrates how he allowed friend to sleep with wife because of impotency…it did not end well

As seen on Wives Connection, a Northern Nigerian man named Barrister Aliyu Ahmed shared his story from how he met his wife, married and divorced. A must read: 1. I’m a lawyer from Jigawa State. I am the chief Legal Officer of a new generation bank. I am 44 years old #DivorceDiaries 2. I met […]

‘Can we stop checking our spouses phone?’ Madam NHN frustratingly asks and advises

A seemingly frustrated woman only identified as Madam NHN starts off with the begging question, ‘can we stop checking our spouses phone?’. Her questioning streams into prospects of looking into a man’s phone increases the chance of an early grave, propositioning the question ‘who will look after your children?’ and ‘because of a man?’ Interesting! […]

Angel Duffy! The Ghanaian benefit cheat with three different names and a compulsive disorder – LYING

Last night’s episode of Britain on the Fiddle was a captivating one. We had Micky Pitt, who smuggled duty-free cigarettes into the UK with his home-made boarding pass. We also had the Belgium-based-claiming-living-in-the-UK benefit cheat, but nothing beats Angel Duffy, sorry Angel Jackson, oh no Paris Anderson. Wow! Ghanian born Angel Duffy, 52, was suspected […]

Happy Valentine from Mercy Johnson, Rita Dominic, Omosexy, Tonto Dikeh, Neymar and more

Its Valentines day and the stars are out to play! ❣???? But before going on, “what does valentine mean to you?”… A post shared by hellomediatv (@hellomediatv) on Feb 7, 2017 at 11:21pm PST We’d want marriage to be like this too. #jjc #jjcskillz #funkeakindele #marriage #heraldentertainment A post shared by The Herald Nigeria (@heraldng) on […]

#Pepperdemgang: Olamide Sneh has the latest challenge, here are the top 5 so far…

O baby o baby, eh, make up on fleeeeek Oshey o baby o baby, eh, pepper dem gang Ok it sounds better when you listen. Video below! A video posted by PèpèSneh ? (@baddosneh) on Feb 9, 2017 at 10:10am PST You might have seen people hashtagging their pictures and videos with #pepperdemgang. Its him, […]

3,000+ posts for your challenge: #Wehdonesir wehdone sir Falz-the-bad-guy

The dust is only just settling for Basketmouth’s laughter challenge but there is a new trend in town people created by our one and only Mr fine boi – Falz-the-Guy. The trend is so popular with 1000s of people posting hilarious jokes/insults using the ‘wehdonesir’ hashtag and tagging the award winning Soft Work artist/comedian. You too can […]

Is it possible to have a good romance without finance? The ladies of MOMENT gives us something to think about, WATCH their video

“Couples who disagree about finances once a week are more than 30% more likely to divorce than couples who disagree about money few times a month” “The way you and your spouse save, spend, earn and invest can actually be points of bonding and affection if approached in the right way” Facts from Given […]

How do you like your man’s D? What do you like most in a woman’s body? What’s you favourite sex position? Watch PULSENG ask the people of Nigeria their preferences

ON what do you like most about a woman’s body? “…I go con hold am like this, if i wan do am, the hand like this, I go carry am up, con make am, be like tyre…con dey…na him go dey hook am well well, that wan go dey hammer am, e go dey sweet […]