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Whitney Adebayo: Age, profile, Medhi, social media and more

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She is the feisty “baddie” that showed up as a bombshell on day 3 of the Love Island 2023, she is also same lady that has struck up an unpredicted romantic relationship with Frenchman and fellow contestant, Medhi.

Whitney has captured many with her personality, and her Love Island journey so far. Who is she? Let’s find out.

Whitney’s real name, age and family

Whitney is a 25 year old Londoner born in Camden Town in November 1997.

Very little is known of her family or background like all the other contestants in order to protect privacy and reduce trolling. However, her surname suggests she is of Yoruba descents from Nigeria.

Whitney used to own a hair supply business, Candy Corner, which she ran since 2019.

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Whitney and Medhi unpredictable romance

There is an unexpected relationship, potentially romantic, blossoming between unlikely pairing Whitney and Medhi.

When Whitney entered the house on day 3, she had her eyes set on Andre and asked him out on a date.

By day 5, Whitney chose to recouple with Frenchman, Medhi – a 26 year model originally from France now living in the UK.

Medhi is a fan of the English breakfast and London girls. He describes his type on paper as looks aren’t everything, more so someone who has a sense of humour and “someone who is outgoing and up for an adventure”.

Despite both Medhi and Whitney confessing that they are not each other on paper with Whitney saying “I’m a baddie and Medhi is probably a French man in Mayfair chillin”, their relationship has left viewers glued as it takes a on-off romantic turn.

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Whitney, Catherine and Ella’s budding romance

Credit: Skye/Twitter

The friendship blossoming between Whitney, Catherine and Ella can make viewers forget, easily, that they are watching Love Island, not friendship Island .

The three girls have struck up such a close bond since meeting in the villa that they tell each other everything about their journey with respective partners and have each other’s backs.

Whitney’s Love Island Intro

On Whitney’s entry to the villa or a date with Andre, she introduced herself with the following:

My name is Whitney, I am 25 years old and I am from Camden Town. I am not afraid to go for what I want. I feel like if your man can be stolen, then was he really your man?

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