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5 “area wetin dey play” facts about Real Warri Pikin

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She recently rewedded the love of her life, Ikechukwu, following 10 years of marriage and 11 years of courtship.

Currently in her prime in popularity, the comedian and actress have come to stay permanently in the hearts of Nigerians and fans worldwide, so its only fair to get to know her a little bit more.

1. Warri Pikin’s real name, age and family

Real Warri Pikin was born Anita Alaire Afoke Asuoha on October 29 1990 in Warri to an Ijaw man from Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State and an Urhobo woman of Delta state, Nigeria, as no.3 of six children.

Though she speaks Urhobo frequently – the language mostly spoken in Warri where she was born – she is of Ijaw heritage.

She was privately educated at Benson Idahosa University, studying Political Science and Public Administration and graduating in June 2012 with a second upper class.

She was a dancer at university and wanted to pursue it in Lagos, however following a heartbreak, she quit dancing. After a near encounter with death by suicide, she became a comedian through posting videos on social media.

2. How she met her husband – From Anita perspective

The “area wetin dey play” comedian revealed that she was going through heartbreak in final year at university in Benin when she decided to give her life to Christ.

She had initially planned to move to Lagos after graduation from university to continue her passion; dancing. However her bitter encounter meant that she vowed never to look at men, dedicated herself to church and became a celibate.

When she graduated, she prayed to God, writing it down that she hope to meet her future husband on July 1st. Truly, while she was serving in Abuja, she attended Light Camp Church one day and met Ikechukwu, that day was July 1st 2012. The two got engaged in October of the same year, and wedded April 27 2013.

They did not sleep together until their wedding night.

3. How he met his wife – from Victor Ikechukwu Asuoha’s perspective

Ikechukwu was an altar guide and an home cell leader at Light Camp church in Abuja.

He recalls meeting his wife as a “divine orchestration”, affirming what his pastor once said, “when praying, pray with one eye open”.

He was in church one day when they called all first timer out, and Anita came out. As he saw her, the holy spirit revealed to him that, Anita is his wife. Not feeling ready to marry, he asked God, if she is really his wife, then let some connection between them be exposed.

Once he was done with his church duties, he entered the floor of the church and saw Real Warri Pikin kneeling down and wanted to join her but decided against it and left church.

On same day, as he was doing home cell rounds, the first person he saw was her, they exchanged pleasantries and since then she became his personal assistant, following him to do room cell duties.

4. Warri Pikin and Ikechukwu’s children

Real Warri Pikin has two children, Ebubechukwu, currently 8 years old, born 14 December 2014 and, Chidera currently 6 years old, born 14 December 2016.

The 33 year old adopted and her Igbo husband adopted Stella, their eldest child when Ebube was three years old.

Stella Fedode who looks remarkeably like Warri Pikin is her distant cousinf from their village in Ijaw. Sadly, things were not going well in Stella’s fmaily so Anita’s mum took her in. When Anita now had her first child, she had no one to help her, so her mum sent Stella to Abuja to assist her.

5. Warri Pikin’s near death suicide experience

Between 2017 to 2018, Anita and her husband were having financial issues. They had borrowed money from a micro-finance bank and were putting their hands into various businesses.

Unfortunately for them, those businesses were not going well, they ended up with an initial debt of 12 million naira which accumulated to 22 million naira over time and after interest. As a result, they sold their cars, they were unable to pay rent or their children’s school fees.

On 6 June 2018, Anita attempted suicide, and was rushed to three different hospitals before she could be saved. She told herself God saved her to help other people, so she went online and started posting motivational videos in 2019, which helped her to fully heal – this is how her comedy began.

Bonus – Warri Pikin on Social media

Warri Pikin has a huge social media following with over 79.7k on her YouTube as at time of writing, 3.4m Instagram followers on @realwarripikin and 12.3k fans on Twitter @drealwarripikin.

Anita’s children on Instagram have a considerable number of following of 85.5k. Their Instagram handle is @abiaavengers. Ikechukwu does not seem to have any social media

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