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Oxlade’s Ku lo sa lyrics translation and meaning

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The latest trending song on the block, ku lo sa, is taking the world by storm.

Sang by the vocally gifted Lagos Surulere boy, Oxlade, the music became an anthem on TikTok.

Like sugarcane and other trending music, social media users uploaded their own videos mimicking the 25 year old’s captivating moves in a minimalistic official video.

The video showed Oxlade, a hanging down microphone and a plain green screen backdrop set up by Colors Studio – a German music performance platform that showcases upcoming artists from around the world.

Oxlade figuratively gestured as he sang the hit tune, much to the delight and entertainment of fans and music enthusiasts.

What the song’s lyrics mean is not so far from what his moves showed – depending on how its viewed.

1. What ku lo sa means

Despite it being sang by a Nigerian, the word means nothing more than a play on word for ‘closer’.

Nigerians are great at twisting English words such that they become street slang cool in broken/pidgin English (the type of English spoken in Nigeria and other West African countries).

Another example is when Oxlade sings “omo I wanti make we dey”. The wanti just means want, but that extra emphasises is the spin Nigerians (artists espcially) tend to use.

2. What the song is saying

From the lyrics, there are no significant in-depth meaning except its about a boy who is professing his feelings for a girl he is in love with. So much so, he is willing to face anything good or bad, including the girl’s father, for her sake.

The song, which has been praised for Oxlade’s use of falsettos, vocal runs and riffs, is sang in mix of English, Nigerian Pidgin/Broken English and Yoruba.

3. Recognition

Ku lo sa has been viewed over 350 million times on TikTok, and around 60 million, if not more, on YouTube so far in the three months since its been released.

4. A little about the artist Oxlade

Ikuforiji Olaitan, better known as Oxlade, is a 25 year Nigerian artist who has been doing music professionally for 4 years, long after once singing on stage with legendary Nigeria star TuFace, when he was around 12 years old.

In his interview with the Beat 99fm, Oxlade revealed he was born in Epe, Lagos.

He moved and schooled in the slums of Mushin, Lagos during his childhood days before moving again to Surulere during his youth to pursue music.

After attending University of Lagos for 4 years, he dropped out in the week before exams, ran away from home and hustled in the street.

He once worked as a bus conductor and then a food waiter at parties to make ends. It was at this time he squatted with a friend who introduced him to his first producer.

Soon after, the gifted falsetto artist who have been compared to industry heavyweight, Wande Coal, met fellow artist, Blaqbonez and they made the hit, Mamiwota.

The rest is history as a they say. Oxlade’s full biography is on Wikipedia.

5. Ku lo sa full lyrics (plus translation)


ye ye ye ye ye, o, o
oh lo

Verse 1

So many reasons wey I wan dey for you my love – There are many reasons I want to be there for you my love
Na you I want to retire with my love o – You are the one I want to retire with, my love
See all the li ku ku things you do de make me no no (Oh no no) – Look, all the little things you do is making me…
This distance is taking a hold of me for sure
Baby come (Ku lo sa)


Omo I wanti make we dey…huh (Ku lo sa) – Baby I want us to be together
Girl I want make you oh lo lo (Ku lo sa)
I for like make you…oh no – I would like to make you…
Ku lo sa o
Omo I want make we dey, oh lo lo (Ku lo sa)
Girl I want beg you oh no no (Ku lo sa)
I for like make you, (Ku lo sa)
Pull over come on pull over – basically means come closer
Ku lo sa o

Verse 2

Sheybi na this kind of things wey de make man see yawa (see yawa) – Isn’t (Sheybi) this the kind of things that makes a man enter trouble (yawa is a pidgin/Yoruba term)
And me I understand say your dad no like me rara (me rara) – rara means ‘not at all’ in Yoruba
See me I want make you know say me dey for you guarra (Guarantee o) – Look, I want you to know I am here for you, for sure (guarra)
And if na the price be that I for like to see yawa (see yawa)– So if that’s the price, I am ok enter trouble/problem


I never trade you for nothing
(This love will making me dey stunting) this love will make me dey japa-shin – The love is making me run crazy
(Without you I no fit do nothing) without you, without you
Omoge tell me wetin sup e gan, e gan – Beautiful-girl (omoge) tell me what are you saying really, really
(I never trade you for nothing), I never trade you baby
(This love will making me dey stunting) This love will making me de stunting
(Without you I no fit do nothing) no, no
Omoge telli me what’s up e gan


Omo, I wanti make we dey dey (Ku lo sa) – Omo is slang for babe or guy depending on male or female you talking to and setting. Omo is short for omomo, which means baby/child
Omo girl I want make you (Ku lo sa)
Baby I for like make you (Ku lo sa)
Oh baby oh no no (Ku lo sa)
Omo I wanti make we dey (Ku lo sa)
Omo baby make we dey (Ku lo sa)
Bring out that shayo make we play…e yo yo (Ku lo sa) – bring out the drink (shayo) lets play


Oh no baby oh no
You making your eye go low
You making younger boy go loko – loko is another slang for crazy, cuckoo
You making young boy go loko
(Ku lo sa, I never trade you for nothing) You making young boy go loko
(Ku lo sa, This love making me de stunting) You making young boy go loko
(Ku lo sa, I never trade you for nothing) You making young boy go loko
(pull-over) e le le le le
Ku lo sa o


See I never trade you for nothing (Ku lo sa)
This love will making me be stunting (Ku lo sa)
Without you I no fit do nothing (Pull over)
Omoge tell me wetin sup e gan (Ku lo sa)

4 thoughts on “Oxlade’s Ku lo sa lyrics translation and meaning

  1. Omg thank you so much for this! This is one of these songs that just get me in the mood to dance, and I like to day I hate dancing hahha thanks for not only translating the essentials but also explaining.

  2. Positive about this?… This does make sense & made me go “Ahh! Ok, cool.” But there’s a Spanish slang word (mostly used by Puerto Ricans, Dominicans & Cubans) ‘culosa’, meaning big booty/thick girl (woman). You may remember rapper Pitbulls smash hit “Culo”, talking about a girl with a big a$$. Oxlade also says “You make me go loco” multiple times, which loco means crazy in Spanish. So I right away assumed that’s what he was referring to in the song.

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