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Meet the BEAUTIFUL Stefflon Don look-alike family

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Rapper, Stefflon Don comes from a large family of good looking people, passed on – not surprisingly – by her mother.

The 30 year old Hurtin Me singer has 2 sisters, 4 brothers and a son. Meet them all!

Meet the BEAUTIFUL Stefflon Don family

Marie Allen

Before the children, there was a woman.

Marie Allen or as she prefer to be called Mumma London as recognition of her daughter, Stefflon Don or mummavelli, representing her son Dutchavelli is the 53 year old Jamaican beauty.

Marie Allen with ex-husband, Fabulous. Source: Instagram/mummalondon

She had all her children for her Trinidadian ex-husband, who was nicknamed Mr Fabulous – he died in 2018.

Turns music talents came from mumma London as she attempts to revive her musical career. Back in the days, she used to sing in a hotel, and in the church choir for more than 12 years.

Leon Allen

Leon is the eldest of Mummavelli’s children and the only one who does not seem to be into music or fame life.

Marie Allen aka Mumma London with her first born (left). Source: Instagram/mummalondon

Guessed to be around late 30s, Mummavelli always praises Leon, and how she has always seen him shy away from the lime light and prefer a normal office like job.

Princess Allen

Princess is the second child and eldest girl of Mummavelli, she is considered as her mum’s twin due to the extremely close resemblance.

Like Steff, she is also a rapper. Unlike her hit making sister, the 35 year old’s rap career is niche compared to mass public appeal Steff’s music attracts.

Princess Allen, Stefflon Don’s older sister. Source: Instagram/PrincessDiamz

The different successes has caused friction between the two sisters, with Steff once tweeting “My own sister is happy for my downfall and just for that I would never lose on GOD!”

Peter Allen

Peter is Marie’s second boy and third child. Again, Peter also raps but unlike the others, he is mainly based in Rotterdam.

Stephanie Allen

Stefflon Don, the most famous of them is the fourth child of Mummavelli.

She began recording from aged eight while out in Rotterdam, Holland. The 30 year old star was born in Birmingham UK, but as things became rough, Mummavelli moved herself and children to the European city.

Steff came back into the UK aged 12, and had her first and only child, a boy, at 17. She took up hairdressing before catching her big break.

Stephan Allen

The fifth born child of Mummavelli is the man we all know as Dutchavelli. Looking the spitting image of his dad, his middle name is his father’s name Fabulous.

At just two years younger than Steff, Dutch was also uprooted to the “Dutch” city of Rotterdam where he also found love for music.

Peter and his brothers whom he is extremely close to. Source: Instagram/OfficialPeyy

By aged 12, Stephan was back in the UK, at 17 he began a six year sentence for an unknown crime, and on coming out of prison, he grew in popularity with is rap music.

Other than rapping, Dutch was associated with chatting to underage girls, and fellow rapper Teezandos.

Dutch once said to Vice; “I don’t think there’s nothing more we love,” he says. “It’s literally a family thing. You know how some families sit around the table and have dinner? We never had that. We would sit around and play each other music.”


The second to the last born of Marie’s children is 22 year old aspiring rapper Shem Allen. He looks up to his older siblings for support.

Shemara Allen

The beautiful baby of the family is Shemara, who has since carved a fashion niche and instagram influencer for herself. The 19 year old adopted the London name to boost her fame.

Baby of the Steff Lon Don, Shemara from her Instagram photos

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