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At the height of their fame the inseparable trio were dishing out relationships, beauty, culture and general life advice.

Suddenly, they parted ways – and fans were not ready for it.

The girls joined forces around 2013 when they were at university studying law. Sola and Debbie Crown were in second year of uni while Adeola was in first year.

As they did their thing on YouTube, they blew up really quickly, gaining a strong following.

Enjoying their new found fame, they launched Patronne cosmetics on boxing day 2016. Not long after that came in-fighting among the girls and the group came crashing down.

Allegations flew around that Debbie had disagreements with Sola and Adeola, that she was snapping a lot, hence had to leave the group. It soon transpired that she was suffering from anxiety and depression and the ladies were not there “supporting her as a real friend”.

Sola and Adeola carried on being the Patronnes until 2018 when Adeola came out of a relationship. Things became rocky.

By now the girls had graduated from university. Sola was pursuing a law career having gained a contract and was also trying to juggle YouTube part time. Adeola had other plans post relationship break-up.

Her dream was to commit to YouTube and the influencer lifestyle full time, she felt Sola did not have the same commitment. She began to hang out with people who did – Nella Rose and Mariam Musa.

Inspired, she launched her own channel.

Where are the Patronnes now?

The girls have continued to work on YouTube and other social media platforms – separately.

Adeola has gone from strength to strength now fronting BBC’s Pressed podcast alongside her besties, Mariam Musa and Nella Rose among other projects.

She now has over 206k Instagram, 185K YouTube, 104K TikTok and 76k Twitter followers.

While still pursuing her Law career, Sola dishes out tips to her 19k YouTube, 19k Twitter, 68k Instagram and 247 TikTok followers.

Adeola and Sola came together recently on Pressed Podcast, reminiscing on the past and why they went their separate ways. The girls did not officially break up it would seem – they just pursued their own interest.

Debbie on the hand has continued to entertain her 28k Instagram, 7k Twitter and 197k YouTube and 245 TikTok followers.

Debbie is the most successful of them on YouTube. She has many videos with millions of views, focused on fashion, with a total of over 28 million views. Adeola has a total of over 19 million views while Sola has over 900k views.

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