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Adeola Patronne: 5 pretty little things about Nella Rose’s bestie

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She used to be best known as one third of the Patronnes, but that is long history as she has now formed new friendship with much loved Nella Rose and Mariam Musa.

With the new friendship comes new found fame, fan followings and everything else in between. Who is she? Let’s find out.

1. Growing up a lil Bio

Adeola was born to Nigerian Yoruba immigrant parents in Hackney, London on October 11,1994. She is the eldest of four with a sister and two brothers, and other half siblings.

Her family – mum, dad, sister and a brother – often features on her channel. Her sister Fareeda is credited with most of Adeola’s wigs and hairstyles, she recently became a YouTuber and her brother is rapper called Bbylv – short for baby love.

2. Are the other Patronnes girls her family members?

Adeola made her name as a Patronne along with Sola Patronne and Debbie Crown when they called themselves the Patronnes on YouTube.

Adeola(right) with her old friends Sola Patronne(centre) and Debbie Crown(left). Source: Twitter

As is often thought, she is not related to the other girls and Patronne is not their real surname. They all have Yoruba surnames in reality.

Adeola came up with the Patronne name after not wanting to use her real surname when she entered the world of social media.

In search of a name, she sought to find something more fitting for her “bossy” nature. She discovered “boss” in French is “patron”, added an extra “ne” and became Patronne. Sola then adopted the name when they formed a trio.

Adeola(right) with her new besties, Mariam Musa(centre) and Nella Rose(left). Source: Instagram/AdeolaPatronne

After the girls broke up, Adeola dm’ed Nella after watching a video of the latter talking about loosing her mum. Things developed from there as they, including Marian, were said to have a connection and shared interest in creating content on YouTube. .

3. How she became a YouTube “baddie”

Adeola initially had a self-titled YouTube channel, giving advice, story-times and fashion styles to her subscribers.

Once Sola and Debbie joined around 2012, she decided to change the name to Meet the Patronnes.

The girls were doing well, hitting 100k subscribers, launching cosmetic line off the popularity, but it was not to last as in-fights led the group to split.

The 27 year old rebranded her channel, adding a snippet of music – Homebase – as her intro. The song is her brother, Bbylv’s single featuring herself.

The channel has gone on from strength to strength, currently sitting at 185k subscribers, with 206k Instagram and 76k Twitter followers – to whom she often promotes her brand – Y.KT.V.A (You Know The Vibes Already).

4. Was the line “Adeola wanna roll with a geezer” meant for her?

The line “Adeola wanna roll with a geezer” is the lyric sang by Arrdee who was featured in the hit song Body by Russ Millions and Tion Wayne.

Adeola Patronne was indeed an inspiration behind the hit tune.

5. Random facts

The Youtuber revealed some interesting facts about herself. In 2018, she had boob surgery simply because she wanted to have bigger boobs, also getting veneers in Turkey.

The social media beauty has been vocal about not having had a boyfriend for a long time. She revealed she has only ever had one boyfriend whom she dated for six years until around 2018.

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