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If you are wondering who this mysterious Hajia Bintu is after watching a skit of Nigerian comedian, Mr Macaroni, this is the right place.

Hajia Bintu. Ghana’s well endowed beauty. Source: Instagram/ChocolateShotIt

The gorgeous beauty whose real name is Akosua Naomi Asiamah can be seen walking into Mr Macoroni office in the skit and says “I saw you break-up message this morning”, to which Mr Macaroni replied “yes? I say I no do again”.

Hajia asks “you no do what”, Macaroni replies “I no date again na by force?”, Hajia replies “so you are breaking up with me? For real?”, Macaroni says “for real” and Hajia begins to walk away.

As she walks away, her show-stopping backside helps Macaroni make a u-turn decision, and he says “oya sorry”.

The 20 something year old Ghanaian has been growing her social media platform for years, captivating viewers with her solid backside.

She became popular TikToker and decide to focus on influencing after concluding hospitality management studies at the University of Koforidua Technical.

She catapulted into international fame after Shatta Wale titled a song about her, starring herself in the lead role.

Some of the lyrics of that song include, “Hajia, Hajia Bintu, You dey cause problem, Hajia, Hajia Bintu, You dey cause war oo war oo”.

She currently has 1million Instagram, 553k Facebook and 1.7million TikTok followers – making her the first Ghanaian to hit that mark.

Are her hips real?

Hajia has made a point to show fans through pictures and videos that her hips and buttocks were naturally made, with gym attendance and waist trainers helping to enhance them.

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