The effects if Roe v Wade is overturned?

The Roe v Wade ruling allows American women, irrespective of their state, to terminate an unwanted pregnancy if they so wish as their constituional right, without any government interference. If Roe v Wade is overturned, as in the leaked document published by US Politico article, there are many effects that it could have on American […]

“Only Ukrainians, that’s all”: Nigerians detail their racist experience as they tried to flee the war in Ukraine

Russia is currently fighting a power grabbing war in Ukraine, resulting in many people fleeing the country to safety. It is estimated that as many as three million have fled the country so far, some of these people are Indians, Asians, Middle Eastern and Africans. Nigerians fleeing the war spoke out of their unjust treatment […]

#TheTinderSwindler: 7 different names Shimon Hayut aka Simon Leviev used across continents

Shimon Hayat better know as Simon Leviev has become something of a sensation following the hit Netflix show, The Tinder Swindler. The documentary shows three women that have been duped by Simon, a 31 year old man they met on Tinder or put aptly by Neflix, “a demonic Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch Me If You […]

#TheTinderSwinder: The people who were duped by Simon Leviev

Netflix’s The Tinder Swindler is on everyone’s lips. Shimon Yehuda Hayut, the show’s main character, left many baffled by his movie-like antics and sheer audacity of conning people, in broad daylight. The 31 year old is showcased in the hit documentary as a conman who duped three women he met through the dating app, Tinder. […]

Stephen Fry announces Olasunkanmi Opeifa as top 10 Finalist for 2020 Global Teacher Prize

Olasunkanmi Opeifa, an English teacher at the Government Day Secondary School, Abuja, Nigeria has been shortlisted as a top ten finalist for The Global Teacher Prize 2020. Olasunkanmi’s name was introduced into the mix of finalists by renowned British actor and comedian, Stephen Fry. Stephen describes Olasunkanmi as an inspiration to his students. Using edu-tainment,

Nigeria’s Statue of #EndSARS Aisha Yesufu: 5 facts we never knew

Most people would recognise her from Chibok campaign of #Bringbackourgirls from 2014 But Aisha Yesufu has officially written her name with permanent pen in the book of history as an outright Nigerian campaigner following her Statue of Liberty-like pose that has earned her the Statue of #EndSARS name. Dressed in a dark blue Muslim attire […]

This Chadwick Boseman’s inspirational speech will always be remembered when we make our next move

He was well known for his exceptional speeches, but this speech right here is worth thanking Chadwick Boseman for. Legends Live Forever.. Rest in Peace @chadwickboseman @theblackpanther#chadwick #Wakanda4Ever #Wakanda #BlackPanther — TheTruth (@AdewaleAdedigba) August 29, 2020

The 10 movies Chadwick Boseman starred in while battling colon cancer

Wakanda’s King in Black Panther, the great actor, Chadwick Boseman passed away on 28 August from colon cancer. Following his death, Boseman’s family revealed his bravery as he filmed multiple movies while battling through chemotherapy and countless surgeries. He had starred in 10 different movies

List of US fraud charges ‘Mr Fine’ Woodberry aka MARK KAIN is going down for, its way more than Hushpuppi

Recall that Olalekan Ponle Woodberry was arrested along with Hushpuppi and others on 10th June 2020 in Dubai. One of the reasons Hush and Woodberry have been publicly named is the significant amount of evidence that had been gathered over time at least a year before their arrests. The FBI on behalf of the United […]

How FBI had been watching Hushpuppi and Woodberry’s for months

Following the arrest of Hushpuppi along with Ponle Woodberry and their gang, rumours have been going around as to why, who and what led them to the FBI. Kemi Olunloyo, Nigeria’s investigative journalists lead the idea that the Russians were behind the arrest after Hushpuppi and gang ran away with money they made in a […]

“I am not going into 2015 as broke as people who called me broke”: MEET Ramoni Igbalode aka HUSHPUPPI

Ramon Igbalode Abbas also known as Ray Hushpuppi is awaiting his fate in USA for fraud committed against over 1.9 million people many of whom are Americans. There was once a time where no one knew how this guy got the wealth he flaunted so extravagantly on social media. His “real estate” businessman claim was […]

FBI Evidence: List of US fraud charges Hushpuppi is going down for, and the money involved here is not child’s play

Following his arrest under Operation Fox Hunt 2 in Dubai, Hushpuppi was officially expelled from the United Arab Emirates and handed to USA, where its believed he was one of the masterminds behind $435 million worth of fraud crimes. The FBI on behalf of the United States officially lodged a case against Hushpuppi on 25th […]

Grab a seat: Neymar has been bought for ₦160 billion

Football may not be to everyone’s taste, but money, precisely £198 million basic fee – converted to naira, ₦95 billion – is a language understandable to the layman. Wetin the guy wan do with that kind money? The guy is 25 year old Brazillian footballer, Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior. He will receive a transfer […]

Snooze at work (every) day: Uncle Mugabe doing what he does best

He has ruled since 1980, for 37 years with strong hand, but Robert Mugabe has set himself up to be best remembered for his snooze fest at important events including this one. The 93 year old Zimbabwean president who has said he will never quit the post was at his 5th leg tour of the […]

Icelanders outraged with rejection outcome for Nigerian asylum seeking family

Public outcry is alleged to have broken out in Iceland, after Sunday Iserian and his family lost their asylum bid to remain in the country. They now face deportation back to Nigeria. Their story, alleged to have been traumatic since suffering violence, poverty and threats prompted an Icelander, Sally Kristinardottir to create an online petition for […]

How Bizarre! Did this pastor, David implicate himself in the injury of his wife?

A Benin pastor, David Steven, based in the Netherlands took to Facebook live video to explain ‘his side’ of the story circulating that he beat and nearly killed his wife of 3 years. The pastor who does live pastoral videos on his Facebook page is alleged to have pushed Vivian down the stairs, putting in […]

Saraya Paul among Chibok girls not wanting to return to “their old lives”

According to a mediator – Zainab Mustapha, 83 Chibok girls were supposed to be released by Boko Haram on Saturday May 6th, instead of only the 82 eventually freed. The proposed 83rd – Saraya Paul – chose not to leave as she had built vested interest – a husband, and this instance happens to be […]

Kenya born Lucy Gichuhi becomes the first black African senator in Australia

She was born in Kenya, grew up and studied there, but 18 years after moving to Australia, 54 year old Lucy Gichuhi has become the first black African to take seat in its federal parliament. After being sworn in, Lucy said: “I am honoured and humbled to be sworn in today as the first ever […]

Names of the 82 Chibok girls freed from Boko Haram in Nigeria

The names of all 82 Chibok schoolgirls freed from Boko Haram’s abduction over the weekend have been released after President Buhari’s meeting with the now young women. Supposedly these are the #chibokgirls. Lined up to see Mr President #buhari before he came to London A post shared by Nigerian Britico (@nigerianbritico) on May 8, 2017 […]

International Women’s Day: Tiwa Savage and DJ Cuppy feature on CNN’s African Influencers

Yesterday was the globally renowned International Women’s day. Happy International Women! Ghana’s Nicole Amarteifio, Benin Republic’s Angélique Kidjo and our very own Jane Michael Ekanem, Tiwa Savage and DJ Cuppy were among 12 African Influencers CNN asked to tell people their favourite African quote. Press play, listen and BE inspired!

The men and their outfits at the #AMVCAs 2017

Some celebrity men at last night’s Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Award, like the women, did not come out to play. Adunni Ade made sure her boys stood out from the crowd, Nollywood legend, sir Olu Jacobs represented in a contemporary agbada and the detail in IK Ogbonna’s suit… Here are some of the men and outfits […]

In Ghana: Dead man’s body is seized from coffin but eventually returned

Mortuary men literally carried this dead man out of the coffin and start walking away with him. Supposedly the man’s family stilled owed GH¢40 balance for the preparation of his body but they sneakily took the corpse out of the mortuary and went straight to bury him. Luckily

Cheeky 厚脸皮 rat! Rodent is caught stealing rice in China and put to shame

A rat has been forced to apologised for stealing rice in a shop in China  The rat with no name who looked alive was tied up with 2 signs, the 1st reading: ‘Huh, is this the best you could do? Even if you beat me to death, I would not admit that the rice at […]

Liar liar, pants on fire: Eastern Europeans steals an African man’s phone but denies it

3 Eastern Europeans steals an African man’s phone, dumps it in the bin and continuously deny despite one of them being dangerously held by the phone’s owner. The event took place on the streets of Croydon and was recorded live on FB by media CEO Finch Yola. Watch how the truth came out below – the crooks […]

The effects of long distance marriage? Olinda Chapel breaks down over cheating husband

She is based in the UK working as a health care professional and her husband is a popular rapper living in their hometown of Zimbabwe. Such potential hotcake was likely to have someone keeping him warm whilst she was away or was it imagined that he crossed legs and held onto a pillow at night? […]

Thank God! Former Big Brother star Makosi is recovering from breast lump surgery

She felt something while scratching her breasts, instincts told her it was a lump, but a doctor told her no need to worry or do an MRI scan. But thank God she is alive today to relive the details and urge others to check their breasts regularly On a lovely August evening I had just […]

Made in Nigeria: The world class animated short film

Wow ??. Even the pencil was “made in Nigeria” ? Lets all hail Niyi Akinmolayan, a lagos based film maker and owner of Anthill studios. He made the following statement below and then took off with a BANG of an animation. “I am going to be running the biggest children entertainment network in Africa” Watch Video

Maris’ Hotel Secrets – Watch Video here!

All hail Maris with her new ‘Hotel Secrets’ series.? Maris will be taking us on a journey of experiencing and getting the most out of hotels in the UK overtime. In this first episode, she visits the exquisite 5-star Courthouse hotel in Shoreditch, London. Check her out and don’t forget to like and subscribe!