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The beautiful YouTube’s Mazelee kids: Can you guess who is who?

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Their names all begin with A and were made up by their mother, Alena Maze-Lee, to suit the family’s uniqueness.

From Amyah to baby A, each time one of these childrens names are called in their YouTube videos, it is sometimes hard to keep up with who is who.

Meet Alena Maze and Joe Lees beautiful children. Source: As.maze/Instagram

Can you guess who Amyah, Arazo or the others are? See the faces that match the names.

While Alena made up her children’s name including what they mean, they do have other undisclosed middle names, and according to their IMDB, they all go by the surname – Maze – including all of her current husband, Joe Lee’s biological children.

1. Amyah Maze

Amyah (pronounced Á-ma-yah) is the oldest child at 16. Alena had her with an unknown Black man aged 19, and according to her, Amyah’s name means smart and beautiful.

2. Akyli Maze

Akyli (pronounced Á-kai-li) is Alena’s second baby, but first child with a second man – named Tom – of White descent. Akyli is 13 years old and her name, according to her mama, means artistic and fast.

3. Azaio Maze

Azaio (pronounced Á-zai-o) is Alena’s third child, and also with Tom. Azaio is 12 years old, and her name means funny, cute and smart – again Alena made these up.

4. Arazo Maze

Arazo (pronounced Á-ra-zo) is child number four, also with Tom. She is 9 years old and her name simply means toddler or crazy toddler according to Joe.

5. Ajedi Maze

At child number five, Ajedi (pronounced Á-jed-i) is Alena’s only male child and first of the Blasian – Black and Asian American – children with her current husband, Joe.

Ajedi is 6 years old and his name supposedly means beloved by God. He was once kissed by Barack Obama and his daddy is often heard calling him by his Korean name Youngwon.

6. Ajoui Maze

Ajoui (pronounced Á-ju-we) is Alena’s sixth baby, and Joe’s second biological child. She is 3 years old and her name means fish. Her daddy likes to calling her Korean name, Sooyoung.

7. Baby A Maze

Joe and Alena’s last baby is currently called “baby” – at least on camera – as her name has not yet been revealed. When it is eventually revealed, much like the siblings, her name will likely start with A. They did recently reveal her

The couple are planning to have some more children, if they do, guess what their names will start with?

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