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1NB-101: The REAL translation and meaning behind the Ameno lyrics by Goya Menor

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“You want to bamba, you want to chill with the big boys.”

These are the now infamous lines, known globally from the hit tune Ameno by Goya menor.

Hit tune Ameno by Goya menor

Although the song is catchy and easy to groove to, it will be even more interesting if you know what Goya was really singing about.

Goya Menor hails from the royal city of Benin, Edo State, Nigeria, a country rife in cultism in its Universities, from the Vikings, Black Axe to the Eiyes, Buccaneers and more.

The 26 year old raps the song in both his language, Bini, and Nigerian national language, pidgin.

When interpreted, he is saying he told everyone his child will never join cult, but his child wanted to ‘bam’ and join cult instead of choosing a life with the “rich” big boys. Now he joined, he has become unsettled, his life is at stake as people are looking for him.

Goya, whose real name is Bright Goya, attended the “cult popular” Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo State Nigeria. Its likely he is singing from experience.

The beat of the song is made by Ghanian, Nektunez, while the theme, Amapiano – a mix of deep house, jazz and lounge music – originates from South Africa.

Translation and more explanation of lyrics are below.

Ameno full lyrics by Gora Menor


So Easy (It’s Nektunez yeah)
Hey Ha Oya meno (Ameno) – Ok, it is me
Okhian te kpe khere – Its been a while
A ke mekie na ya ku khere (mekie na ya ku khere) – Lets use this to play a bit
Let me tell them how the thing goes (how the thing goes)


Shebi meka tamuwa – Isnt it I first told you all (Bini language)
Say my pikin no go join cult – that my child will never join a cult
Ha! You want to bam ba – You want to join the cult right. “Bamba” is a slang for initiation into cult
you want to chill with the big boys – You want to hang out with the rich guys
Na you dey run kiti kiti, you dey run kata kata – You running like headless chicken, unstable – This is a parable
No fit drink water drop cup – You are not able to settle, all over the place – another parable
Ha! Hey! shey you see how thing goes (how thing goes)
Oya, tellé mé who blend you – Ok, tell me who invited and initiated you
And who, and who


Ameno, ameno do re
Ameno dori me
Ameno dori me
Ameno do
Dori me reo
Ameno dori me (Ameno dori me)
Ameno dori me

Verse 1

Okay, okay, ha
This one no be zobo no be can juice – zobo is a healthy Nigerian drink
Go school e go school, you go dey pen tools – You were asked to go to school and learn but you do something else
And now the parameter set, you wan dey form too – Now you are in cult, you feeling too big for your boots
See, even your papa no fit save you – Your father cannot save you
For all the calamity wen him pikin don do – For all the troubles you have caused
Man, all the niggas don dey find you – Other cult members are looking for you
Because that nigga wey you pay omo e don kpoof – Because one of the people you paid has blown to be rich
Oh boy e don puff, ha hey – Boy, he is now a big boy
Come on, let’s go


Verse 2

Because you made it to the top throne 
Let me see what my godfather can do
‘Cause, he’s a father to the fatherless
A mother to the motherless
And nothing no one can do
We promised not to fight again
Not to do anything that will hurt again
‘Cause if you do, na him be say you don wrong again
And, another time you go run again, I swear


Ameno, oma nare imperavi ameno
Dimere, dimere, mantiro
Mantire mo, amenoIt’s
so easy (The Nektunez, yeah)

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