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How to get your Nigerian BVN in the UK

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Without a Bank Verification Number (BVN), a Nigerian bank account cannot be opened inside or outside the country.

Getting BVN is relatively easy using the following steps.

1. Book BVN appointment

To get one step closer to acquiring BVN, access OIS Services appointment form – here. OIS handles Nigerian BVN allocations outside Nigeria.

On OIS Service online appointment form, select BVN Enrolment and location to apply for the BVN

On the first page of the form, select BVN Enrolment from appointment type field, and choose the location to acquire the number and then click Next.

On the next page, select a suitable date and then the time and click Next followed by OK on the information window.

On the final page, enter your personal details as directed and conclude the form.

2. What you need to take to appointment

Download and print OIS form here, fill the form ready to take to the appointment with other documents.

Other documents include a form of ID, eg a Nigerian International Passport (or a Non-Nigerian one), Nigerian National ID card or drivers’ license.

Also take two passport photographs and the sum of £30 (subject to change) for the cost of service. As at the time of appointment – from experience – only bank card payments were accepted.

3. Attend BVN appointment

Go to the OIS centre you selected as early as possible on the day of your appointment. There is a centre in London and Leicester, see full address on OIS Service website.   


Submit the form, passport photographs, finger and face prints, and the fees at the office.

Once handed in and all formalities are done, a collection slip should be given, which you will need to present when you come back to pick up the BVN.

4. Collect BVN

OIS servics recommend to give up to ten days for BVN to be ready.

It could come out earlier or later. If it is still not out after 10 day, email OIS to request for it on – add all your details in the mail for better response.

BVNs are Nigeria’s way of reducing illegal banking and fraud. You can get the BVN when you open your first account in Nigeria, however diaspora will need to apply for it.

3 thoughts on “How to get your Nigerian BVN in the UK

  1. Dear Sir /Madam
    Could you please let me know how to retrieve my BVN?
    I got from your company here in London and I cannot remember the number as the phone I saved it is damaged.
    I have not used it in Nigeria bank yet, I can’t remember.
    Kind regards
    Gabriel EZEMAH

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