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Love Island: These contestants had babies together

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Each summer from June to August, Love Island have viewers glued to their screens watching how a group of young people, put together in a villa, form bonds, sometimes for in love and take their relationship to the next level outside the house.

As season 8 draws to a close, lets look back in time at the contestants who made it as a couple outside the villa and ended up having babies.

Cally Jane Beech and Luis Morrison

Season 1’s Love Island saw first couple have babies together – Cally Jane and Luis. Credit: LoveIsland/ITV

2015 Season 1’s Love Island saw one couple, and the first couple to, have babies together.

Cally Jane was a 23 year former Miss Great Britain champion who worked as a dental nurse when she entered Love Island on day 21 of the 41, as a bombshell.

She went straight for Luis Morrison when she entered and they came at in fourth place in the end.

The couple carried on their relationship outside for a few years, having a baby girl named Vienna – now 5 years old – in May 2017. They split unofficially, a few months after welcoming their daughter, and split for good in September 2018.

Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey

Two couples from 2016’s Season 2 took their relationship outside of Love Island and produced babies.

The first of them were Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey.

Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey met on 2016’s Love Island. Credit: Caradelahoyde/Instagram

Cara, a then 26 years old, and Nathan Massey, 24 both entered the villa on the same day and coupled together. They went on to win the crown on day 45.

Their relationship went from strength to strength post Love Island, having their first baby, Freddie in December 2017.

Still going strong, the couple got engaged in the summer of 2018, wedded in June 2019 and welcomed a second child in July 2020.

Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen

The second couple from season 2 who went the whole nine yards and had a baby are Olivia and Alex.

Olivia was 22 at the time she entered the villa on day 1. She was first coupled up with Daniel Lukakis then Rykard Jenkins on day six, and Adam Maxted on day 13, before settling with Alex Bowen – who was 25 at the time – who entered the villa on day 20.

Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen. Credit: Oliviabowen/Instagram

The couple who were runner up, stood the test of time as they got engaged a few months after appearing on the show in December 2016 – according to The Sun. They wedded in September 2018 in Essex and welcomed their first child in June 2022, a boy named Abel Jacob.

Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt

Like season 2, 2017’s season 3 also two couples who had babies.

Camilla was 27 when she entered the show’s villa from day 1. She was coupled with Sam Gowland, before switching and falling for Johnny Mitchell on day 6.

Camilla Thurlow and James Jewitt. Credit: CamillaThurlow/Instagram

Johnny infamously made a move on Tyla Carr when she entered the villa, dumping Camilla at recoupling night on day 28. She ended up coupling with Craig Lawson.

Craig was dumped from the island, giving Camilla an opportunity to couple up with new bombshell contestant Jamie – also 27 at the time – on day 34.

The couple ended up as runners up of the season, welcomed daughter Nell Sophia Jewitt in October 2020, announced their engagement in February 2021, got married in September of the same year and welcome their second baby, Nora Belle Jewitt, in May 2022.

Dom Lever and Jess Shears

Jess was 24 when she entered the villa on day 1, same time as Dom who was 26 years old at the time.

Dom Lever and Jess Shears met on the ITV dating show Love Island. Credit: ITV

Dom was initially coupled up with Montana when Jess walked in as the first week’s bombshell. Both decided to get together in day 6’s recoupling.

Sadly, Jess was dumped from the Island on day 17 leaving Dom to couple with Tyla Parr on day 20 before recoupling with Montana Brown on day 24.

Dumped from the Island on day 28, Dom rekindled his relations with Jess on the outside and became engaged just three months later.

The couple were the second Love Island pair to wed after Alex Bowen and Olivia. They wedded in October 2018 after an unconventional Good Morning Britain wedding, had their first baby, Presley, around a year later in September 2019 and had another baby in June 2022.

There have been no other babies from couples from later seasons Season 4, but couples still exists, so wonder who the next couple(s) in love are, to produce babies!

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