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Destene & Brandon: 5 facts about the couple living every marriage’s dream

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Destene and Brandon are filling the hearts of social media fans with their clever challenge videos and pranks.

The couple who have been married for two years have come a long way since they met, opened a YouTube channel and became one of most loved social media couples.

Here are five interesting facts about them.

1. Who is Destene Sudduth nee Polidore

Destene is an American beauty born to Channella Monroe and Paul on 12th June 1991 in the United States. She is the oldest of 5 girl who grew up in a Pentecostal home.

The 31 year old works in HR and diagnosed herself with moderate ADHD.

2. Who is Brandon Sudduth

Brandon is an only child born to Angie and Shawn Sudduth on 2nd October 1984 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

The 31 year old who currently works in finance attended Downers Grove South High School from 1999 to 2002 and went on to complete his high school at Romeoville.

3. How Brandon and Destene met

Destene and Brandon documents how they met back in August 2018.

The two had attended a mutual friend’s pool party where they were introduced. At the time, Brandon was not interested in anyone or anything while Destene says she was interested but was waiting for him to do the chasing – it never happened.

How Brandon and Destene met. Seen here on their wedding day in July 2020. Source: Facebook/Destene

The two ran into each other again a month later in September, at a date party. Brandon seized the opportunity, told Destene he would like to pursue her and asked her to attend church with him the following day. The two have not left each other’s side since then.

Brandon proposed to Destene in a restaurant in June 2020 and wedded 29 days later in July with 10 guests only due to the coronavirus pandemic just kicking off.

The two recently began trying for a baby, documenting their infertility and IVF journey on social media.

4. The sad truth about the death of Destene’s ex-fiancé

As the couple once recalled in their video, should Christian be alive today, there may have been no Brandon and Destene.

Destene and Christian had been together for around seven years at the time of his passing

The love of Destene’s life unfortunately passed away March 29, 2014 following an accident.

Christian Maurice Brown, fondly called C-Breezy was making his way over to Destene’s house in his motorbike when an accident occurred just five minutes away from his final destination, he died on the scene.

Destene and Christian had been together for around seven years and engaged at the time of his passing, leaving a 22 year old beyond distraught lady without her childhood sweetheart.

Destene continues to remember and pay homage to him regularly.

5. Destene and Brandon’s rise to fame in two short years

Destene and Brandon currently have over 1 million YouTube subscribers, 4 million Titktok followers and over 500k combined Instagram followers.

The two only began posting contents to social media roughly a month before coronavirus pandemic in 2022. Their significant rise is nothing short of remarkable.

They were monetized on YouTube around six months of launching in August of 2020. Just under a year ago in March of 2022, they had over 200k subscribers meaning they are grown approximately 400% in that time.

The couple says despite both holding full time jobs, their growth was down to being consistent.

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