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Love Island’s Tanya Manhenga: Age, Family, social media and more

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She was officially the first contestant to step foot on Love Island’s 2023 villa in South Africa.

Meet Tanya Manhenga, season 9’s Love Island contestant. Source: Instagram

Many are growing fond her, particularly as her relationship with fellow Islander Shaq hots up. Who is she? Lets learn a little about her.

Age, Education and Life

Tanya is a 22 year old Biomedical science student of Zimbabwe heritage from Liverpool, UK. Her mum’s nae is Bilal. As well as studying at the University of Salford, she also models and influences on social media.

During press round, Tanya Manhenga disclosed that she has vitiligo – an autoimmune skin disease that is caused by a lack of melanin, the pigment that gives skin its colour. She has it on her lip and hair.

Very little is known of her family or people surrounding as she has kept that private. Her mother, Bilal Polite and aunty Cynthia appeared on Love Island After-Sun and declared themselves as “Team Shaq” as their daughter battle between who she wants to go for after Casa Amor, Shaq or Martin

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EDUCATIONAL FACT: Tanya’s surname Manhenga is also the name of a comune in Bindura District of Mashonaland Central province, Zimbabwe 

How she got on Love Island

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The petite beauty informed the press that, while at university, she had started filling the application form for the show but did not complete it.

Regardless she still received a call from producers as they thought she would make a great Love Islander.

Which famous people did she date?

In a game of Never Have I Ever on Day 7 of the show, the Islanders revealed their celebrity romances.

Tanya’s was a brief romance with a footballer and a rapper. While she did not expose who the footballer is, she disclosed Not3s as the famous rapper of Nigerian heritage, popular for many tunes including Aladdin, My Lover and Addison Lee.

Following the revelation, Not3s real name Lukman Olanrewaju Odunaike, simply put a light-hearted meme twitter in response – it showed Drake staring at his phone confused.

Social media

Part of Tanya’s bio is that she is an influencer. While in the villa, there is no currently managing her which stands at 51.3k followers. Tanya’s Instagram is here.

Though she does not show any members of her family, her social media suggests she is from an affluent background.

Her intro as she entered the Love Island villa

“On a night out I am definitely the last girl standing. I will literally be on the dance floor, it doesn’t matter what song, I’m on the dance floor and one tequila shot, I’ll speak to the guy that I want to speak to. I’m not afraid to shoot my shot at all. People like to do like Snapchat, Instagram, I just want to get straight to the number so I can call you tomorrow.

Scouse girls are really really nice. I’m that girl who will be in the toilets in the club like “oh my god, I live your makeup, I love your dress, where’s it from? Oh my god, let me fix your hair, let me fix your dress.” Like literally typical Scouse babe”

“If I don’t get attention from a guy, I’m very much not a beg, I’m not gonna beg it and I will look elsewhere”.

She is currently paired up with Shaq Muhammed, whom she has been couple up with from day one.

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