Instagram influencer, Ife confirms she is no longer married to CofE Bishop’s son

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Popular Instagram influencer and lawyer, Ife, seemed to have confirmed she is no longer a married woman.

Ife appear to confirm end of marriage on The Badguy Toba podcast. Pic source: Ife_x/Instagram

The 32 year old beauty appeared to unveil all on club promoter, Badguy Toba’s YouTube show. When asked “how has the lockdown affected your love life, sex life and your finances?”

Ife responded with: “finances is actually been surprisingly normal, because with what I do is so easy to do it, its not an issue. Love life and sex life, I will just take a shot instead”, taking a glass of alcohol as an alternative to answering the question.

Ife recently deleted all trace of her husband of six years – Timi Dorgu – from all social media platform. Timi also deleted all trace of their life together as well as changing their YouTube videos to private.

Appearing alongside fellow Instagram influencer and model, Jojo Omolara on the second episode of Badguy Toba’s podcasts, Ife revealed other juicy clues.

Badguy Toba asked: “if someone was interested in taking you out, tell us what the ideal date night would be for you, and where you would be going and stepping out?”

she expressed that the best date would have to have a flight involved, as the best date she has had was when she got flown out to Paris for a day, then dinner and sightseeing.

Badguy Toba aka Abiodun Osibodu is a known club promoter and serial entrepreneur who recently introduced Black celebrity inspired podcasts to his YouTube channel.

The group discussed other interesting and currents matters such as EndSARS and more about who they are.

Ife introduced herself as: “I do a few things, mostly I am a lawyer, that’s my main thing, I do corporate and commercial law, and I have got a business called the influencer lawyer where I do all the contract for talents and influencers, and then on the side I have a little property business, and I do a whole Instagram content creation, YouTube thing.”

While Jojo Lara said she is “mostly into real estate now, but in the past I have done modelling and pageant, and a little bit of this and a little bit of that”.

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