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Davido captioned the word ‘e choke’ in an Instagram post, and crowds including celebrities have begun to use the word. What does it mean?

It is believed Davido started the ‘E Choke’ slang term and popularised ‘Tule jor’. Source Davido/Instagram

E choke is a slang similar to another Nigerian slang – pepper them. It is a hype word which implies showing off your wealth, success and happiness, often but not necessarily, in the face of enemies who may not be happy at your success or watches your every move.

Davido also started another slang ‘Tule jor’ that began trending. Tule is a word that already exists and means ‘free me’ or ‘leave me alone’. ‘Jor’ is a Yoruba word – now adopted across Nigeria – that is often attached to the end of a sentence, and it means ‘please’. The word in this context is a rebellious rude remark.

So when Davido says ‘Tule jor’, he is saying ‘leave me alone please’ with an undertone of aggression and rebellion. It comes as no surprise given his popularity made up by fans that praise him and enemies that troll him.

He sometimes swaps the jor for jare, as in ‘Tule jare’, both have the same emphasis in this context, although it can also mean innocence depending on situation.

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  1. Jor means “Please”. It is not meaningless.

    Jare also has a meaning…its meant to affirm an emotion of exasperation or finality in a discussion.

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