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Tips on applying for a Nigerian passport online in the UK

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Applying for a Nigerian passport in the UK was once a traumatic experience. Times are changing though.

Applications and payments are now made online – making the process more bearable and straight-forward than ever before.

From application to collection, here are what you need to know when applying for a Nigerian passport in the UK.

Before reading on…
The information provided below is based on experience aimed at giving you knowledge on what you need to apply for Nigerian ETC in the UK. It is a general guide for mainly straight-forward cases, some of which may become irrelevant overtime as changes are made. For the more complex issues or information seek professional or NHC advice. 

Step 1: Visit Nigeria High Commission website
Access Nigeria High Commission’s website here. On the homepage, select ‘Immigration’ tab, then click on ‘Apply and Book Appointment for E-Passport Processing’ and finally, open the ‘show/hide’ button to access requirements. Follow the step by step as detailed on the site to complete an application on the Nigerian Immigration Portal.

Step 2: Online Application

All information you need to make an application on the portal is on the NHC website as mentioned in step 1. For example, if applying for more than one applicant, step 6 tells you how to do so. If applicants and the person paying have different surnames then payment can only be made in person at the OIS office in Fleet Street.

Appointments to OIS are not necessary but this may change, check before attending with a printed copy of your application form.

Passport application submission is half completed until payment is made. Check email following submission for further instructions

Step 3: Book your appointment
On successful payment, the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) assigns an appointment date, previously this could be ignored, the NHC has changed this. Follow the ‘myVisit’ instruction on the page detailed in step 1 to book appointment.

SEE: 3-month temporary wait for Nigerian Passports to the UK due to shortages

Step 4: Attend NHC for biometric processing
Attend your appointment at prescribed date with requested documents. You can see the list of documents here, including lost passport or a re-issue. At the appointment, your finger prints and photo will be taken for passport creation, then a collection slip is given.

Step 5: Passport collection
You can collect your passport on given date As of late 2018, the NHC offers a fast-track passport collection service which can be requested for at the passport counter – expect additional charges.

Fast Track service now available at the Nigerian High Commission, UK


  • When applying, if passport is lost and you do not have the passport number, select new ‘e-passport’
  • You will need a police report for lost passport – obtainable from the police accredited reportMyloss – a small fee will be requested. File and print the report
  • Fees payable by postal order are applicable for lost passports, separate to passport application
  • When applying for children, copies of data pages of both parents’ passports are required 
    • If only one parent is in attendance for child application, a signed letter plus data page of other parent is requested
    • If single/separated/divorced, for purpose of sole custody proof where both passport cannot be obtained, a court, school, social services letter expressing sole carer may be accepted.
    • Attend the NHC as early as possible on prescribed date to avoid queues, particularly if the matter of lost passport is to be dealt with before a new passport application

DID YOU KNOW? NHC UK has a list of lost passport. Click to check if yours is listed

  • When completing application form, any place marked with asterisks (*) must be completed, for example you will need to provide your Nigerian address, this can be family address that you reside when in Nigeri
  • ETC and passport can be applied for at the same time

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