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Can I apply for my child’s British passport, after getting ILR?

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So we have our Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) in the UK, now its time to give our children their British passport on this basis.

However, according to UK GOV, a child(ren) born before a parent received their ILR is not automatically qualified for a British passport.  If the child – anyone under 18 – was born after parent received ILR, there is an automatic right.  Click

here to see the information on website.

Automatic rights to British passport are given if parent had ILR status before child was born

So how else can we apply for child’s British passport?

Before reading on (Disclaimer)…
This is not legal/professional advice. The information provided below is based on experience aimed at sign-posting you to relevant places that will help you make a favourable decision on how you will pursue your application. Make use of the further links, seek professional, legal, CAB or advice for more information. 

There are other means – although costing more  – to get our child their British passport, some are:

  • Register child as a British Citizen

Registering the child as a British Citizen after getting our ILR is one route towards a British passport. The MN1 form used to apply comes with a guide. There are lots of information on this, some below, but seek legal advice for clarity.

Immigrationboard: Applying for child’s passport, parent on ILR

Immigrationboard: Applying for child passport without MN1

Quora: Can my child born in the UK become a UK citizen if I have ILR?

Immigrationboard: British Passport after MN1 Registration

  • Apply same time as your British passport application

When we are eligible for naturalisation/British passport, our child is also eligible, and can apply. Bearing in mind, applications must be made individually for each person – fees apply individually. Apply for citizenship if you have indefinite leave to remain

  • 10+ year route

According to, any child who have lived in UK continuously for 10 years with no more than a certain amount of days per year out of the country is eligible to apply. Register as a British citizen if you were born in the UK – lived here until age of 10

Richmond Chambers: Registering a Child Born in the UK as a British Citizen after 10 years

Immigrationboard: British citizenship to a child born in uk 10 years route

All of these options have varying costs, different document requirements, you may want to consider legal advice and help.

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