Is ‘Extend your WhatsApp subscription’ email or text real or nah

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Take a deep breath…another viral threatening messages.

Did you get the message through email or Whatsapp? The one saying your free WhatsApp subscription has expired and you have to pay to continue with the service?

Let’s get straight to the point, it’s a hoax, IT’S FAKE.

WhatsApp did used to charge some users to access the service, but these were scrapped back in 2016. But to go that one step further in showing its fake, lets examine the message’s content sent via email.

First, looking at who sent it. Whatsapp Inc shows up in the inbox which can throw you off, but the sent from email address gives it away.

Search on Google gives Idea Factory Europe Online Store and International Inc which are a Japaenese video game developer and publisher. Anyone wants a Hakuoki Kyoto Winds game?

The odd email address sending fake Whatsapp messages via email leads to a Japanese games company

Next is the money making part, ‘Extend Your Service’. Clicking on it takes you to a site – before redirecting to a payments page.

Don’t let the real Whatsapp social media links throw you – Whatsapp seem to have abandoned twitter and Google+.

Do not enter your card details because IT’s FAKE, simply delete it from your messages, memories and life. The email address and tricking payments redirection proves its fake and Whatsapp is absolutely free.

Fake Whatsapp payments page

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