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Is the Whatsapp rumour: “Settlement Refugee or humanitarian protection and Windrush Damage control” true?

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An immigration rumour surrounding people with no documents being eligible for Indefinite Leave to Remain is circulating on WhatsApp.

Even people not eligible when you look at the criteria are being pushed to go ahead and apply.

There is the saying that there is nothing impossible, so is there a chance that the rumors are true?

Confusingly, there are two mix-match unrelated messages sent together. 

The first message is a link to the Settlement: Refugee or Humanitarian Protection page on the UK’s Government website. The second message titled “Windrush Damage Control” read:


Please pass on to someone in UK knows someone who knows a person with no papers UK Visa Indefinite Leave to Remain.

The UK Home Office is issuing Visas in silence as a brief amnesty to those who have been living in UK with no papers for past 10 years. They need to GET (P) form Version 07/2018 that needs to completed

IGNORE what it is says on the form that Application for Asylum or Humanitarian Protection and for a biometric immigration document.

Ignore all that.

Include a copy of child’s UK birth certificate, marriage certificate if you have + required photos including the child.

Due to The Windrush crisis and Brexit, it is a silent action from the Home Office.

They need to GET (P) form Version 07/2018 that needs to completed

For those with no Children, you still need to complete same form and ignore the child details but complete Section 3 if you have family already in UK.


If you know anyone with NO PAPERS – the Home Office is giving people legality to stay quietly due to the Windrush scandal.

The 10 year Rule is back.”

The Settlement: Refugee or Humanitarian Protection route requires Set (P) form, not GET P as the message states. 

If you fill and submit this form, you are suggesting that you are eligible for ILR after 5 years as a legally recognised refugee because the requirement for this category states that the applicant must have had a 5 year refugee residence card as at when applying. 

It is difficult to see why anyone should ignore Set (P) requirement, this is a viral lie.

UK Home Office: Settlement: refugee or humanitarian protection

The second message talks about a Windrush Damage Control, giving hope to people who have been living in the UK with no paper. 

The Windrush Scheme is a program designed to give documentation to individuals who have lived in the UK for a long time but have no papers to prove it. 

So you do not have to have any legal documentation, but you must meet the following criteria:

You need to meet a set of criteria to be eligible for the Windrush Scheme

UK Home Office: The Windrush Scheme

People outside the UK are also eligble to apply if they meet that criteria.

As for the 10 year rule is back statement – it never left in the first place. The 10 year rule only applies to those who have lived legally and continuously in the UK for 10 years.

It is 20 years that you can apply for if you are illegal – this used to be 14 years of continuous residence.

FreeMovement: What are the 10 and 20 year rules on long residence?

However, as stated in the message, make sure to check the details first with a good immigration lawyer – seek legal advice.

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