Oscar Okwurime dies in UK Immigration detention center

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Oscar Okwurime, a Nigerian man of Edo origin died last week, 12th Sept at Harmondsworth detention centre after complaining for weeks that he was having pains on his side.

The 34 year old who recently entered the UK on a visitor’s visa was found dead by a fellow detainee.

Oscar arrived to the UK with a visitor’s visa, and claimed asylum upon entry. His claim was refused and he was booked a flight ticket back to Nigeria supposedly due to take off next Tuesday.

Fellow detainees said Oscar was scared and extremely quite following news of the flight ticket, however its the medical attention he requested and was denied of multiple times that took his life away.

According to The Independent UK, Oscar complained of feeling unwell to his siblings.

His older brother, Alex, 44,  told The Independent, “I told him straight away: tell the authorities there and they will get you checked.

“That first week, they didn’t do anything. And the second week he said they were still saying nothing. The last time I saw him, he told me he was on a waiting list of about 400. He said he was feeling pain in his side. He hadn’t had any health issues before.

“It was a pure case of negligence. If someone is in your custody and telling you they’re not feeling well, it’s your duty of care to get them checked.”

The cause of his death is still unknown, a police investigation has been launched.

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