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Another “is it real or fake” whatsapp messages is going around, both in the abroad and at home. The latest one is related to Nigerian government offering funds to its citizens in the lockdown.

Supposedly, Nigerian government is giving N30k to its citizens for free

Could this be real?

Given its Nigeria and there was no such general announcement in main stream outlets, the answer is probably obvious.

But what happens if you decide to follow it through? 

On opening the “ngr.freeinternetz.com” link from Whatsapp, it redirects to a website with the same name and you are greeted with congratulations, “get free N30,000 instantly to your bank account. 

To get this supposed money, you need to fill in a survey and to hurry you up, you are informed of how many “free lockdown packages” are left.

You need to fill in a survey to confirm your win – it cannot be real

The survey has three questions. First question asks “Are you a bonafide citizen of Nigeria”, to which we answered “yes”. Next question asks “how much can sustain you through the lockdown?”, to which we answered 15k.

Even if you choose just N15k, they are still willing to give you N30k according to the survey

Even though we answered 15k, we are still asked “What will you use your N30,000 for”, we answered food.

Based on this we are “congratulated”. Now to get this money, you are told to send the message to 7 of your contacts in Whatsap, then share your account number and bank name.

There is struggle to leave the page unless you completely close the webpage

Attempting to leave the page by pressing back button will give you a notification to “finish and get credited instantly”. The only way to exit is to completely close the webpage.

When you click on names of people commenting on what looks like Facebook comment box below your congratulatory message it takes you no where.

It is obvious this is fake.

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