1NBRealORFake: Did the UK government really approve a £1,500 per person Relief Fund?

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Another money grabbing message is trending on WhatsApp.

It says, “The Government has finally approved and have started giving out free £1,500 Relief Funds to each citizen”.

£1,500 is a sum that can be life saving to many to UK citizens, so is this message real or fake?

What happens when I follow the £1,500 “Relief Fund” link?

On opening the “II.III.cam” link from Whatsapp, it redirects to a “labour.rebajas.live” site.

You are encourages to click on “continue” on the Labour Rebajas siteto get free £1,500 in your bank account. Don’t do it.

On the Labour Rebajas site, you are encouraged to click on “continue” to get “free £1,500 instantly to your bank account”. You are also shown how many people are online same time as you are trying your luck.

When you click continue, you are asked of your genre, as opposed to gender. Once you select a “genre”, you are then asked to select from your age group.

After that, confirm if you work somewhere or not. 

Once completed, you see a deceiving screen that suggests you have qualified by showing you ticks against some criterias. 1NB accessed and completed the questions on more than one occasion and still passed the criteria.

On the qualify page, you are asked to share this with 20 of your friends, and you need to do this to be able to continue.

1NB shared with 5 people to verify and site calculated only 2 had been sent and it still did not work.

The fact that there is no UK government party called labour rebajas shows it fake. The links are fake, the people online count is fake.

In the end, a message pops up prompting you to update your Android or Samsung phone to avoid slow down and battery drainage.

This site is fake, be discouraged from doing this as this might be a way to gain access to your digitally stored personal and sensitive information.

Other countries including South Africa, India and UAE have had similar versions of the scam and people are being warned its fake. 

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