Trouble in paradise? Ife Dorgu deletes all traces of her husband, Timi, from her social media

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Fans of childhood sweethearts, Ife and Timi, have spotted Ife deleted all trace of Timi on her Instagram page and no longer wears her wedding ring.

The gorgeous lovebirds are known to express their love for one another on their separate Instagram pages at given opportunities, and take fans on their numerous yearly travel journeys around the world.

Ife, known to show her love for her man, Timi and their travelling antiques has removed all traces of him

She is seen on social media to strategically placing her hand, where her ring finger is, out of camera view since July, before debuting the ring-less finger in August 2020.

Timi Dorgu, 32, the son of Church of England Bishop Dorgu, became well known after being put in charge of beautifying the engagement ring Davido used to propose to Chioma in 2019.

Timi and Ife met 14 years ago as teenagers when Timi’s family headed to Sheffield for a family friend’s wedding anniversary and stayed at Ife’s family home.

4 thoughts on “Trouble in paradise? Ife Dorgu deletes all traces of her husband, Timi, from her social media

  1. This is so sad but also a reflection of the social media culture we live in. When things are good, that’s what is shown (highlight reels) .. when things are bad nothing is shown or said. I have more respect for public figures that are open with their followers like Jamie and Nikki… at least they told their followers about getting a divorce and it clears the air and also clears the speculation. Timi and Ife should come clean about it.

    She strikes me as being quite immature… all her recent captions scream for attention and call for speculation then she gets mad at people commenting and asking about the situation. Sis all that is soooooo high school… no need to bash your husband so publicly. Also you can delete the pictures but never the memories… I find it rather strange when women delete pics so quickly after a relationship ends… were u not best friends with that person…. u can’t delete the times u shared so why rush to show other men that u are single and start hiding your ring? Some women were never ready to be wified up to begin with. There is not much out there, if u find a good man who may slip but is still a good man… keep him! Trust me I am a man I know!

    I always say that people need to really date and explore more before they settle down… What do u know at 15? Who u are then is completely different to who you are at 30.

    They are both still young, they can start over like we all do !

    1. Reflect better before you write something like this sir. You just successfully summarized your belief about what caused their split (if they have split) without actually knowing the facts. People really need to stop being so presumptuous. She is the one that knows what she is going through and if ‘deleting pictures’ and ‘writing captions’ help her mental health, it really is nobody’s business except hers. Why put it on social media, you might say. If you feel she shouldn’t, then walk off her page or the story. It always takes two to tango and they both are probably hurting badly at the moment, irrespective of who has the bigger blame in the whole separation (if any, I say again). Let’s show some sensitivity or just be quiet. Also before casting aspersions and slapping labels like “immature” on people in such circumstances, examine the level of your maturity that lets you comfortably judge a ‘no ring picture’ as her rushing to show people that she is single. You will never know where the shoe pinches unless you wear it and if I were you, I would pray never to find myself in such shoes.
      Always remember to never kick people when they are down.
      Love and light.

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