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How to get your Nigerian NIN in UK

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These days you will need to have a unique National Identity Number (NIN) to be do almost anything Nigeria related home and abroad.

From obtaining a passport, driver’s license to a mobile sim card, you must have an NIN number otherwise life could become frustrating.

To get your NIN in UK, follow these five simple steps.

1. Visit the nearest NIN eligible enrolment centre

There are a number of places dotted around the UK where you can obtain your NIN. The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) have listed these out here UK enrolment centres.

The first course of action is to call the places listed, confirm NIN registrations can be done, and book appointment if need be. For most of it, it is possible.

2. Fill in NIN form and show proof

You will be required to fill in NIN form, most centres have the forms on hand to do so while you are at the site – however better to confirm if it is the case.

What is required, is your name, surname, date of birth, address and contact details. You will be taken a passport photo and fingerprints.

You may have to proof such as passport number, so best to have it on hand – if expired, you can give the expired passport number, this is to show proof that you are Nigerian

3. Make Payment

Once you have completed the application, submitted and proof is approved, you will need to make payment. As at now the fee is generally around £40.

The NIMC have a diaspora fee guide list in USD – it does not necessarily reflect prices charged in the UK.

4. Wait for your NIN

Congratulations on getting this far.

The next step is to wait for your NIN to be processed, this can take anything from 2days to much longer. People have been able to retrieve their NIN in two days or less, depending on your circumstance and your reason – keep track with them on its progress.

5. Collect and Activate your NIN

Your NIN is ready to collect. Before you walk out the door ensure the card is activated. Another payment – around £20 – is asked for in order for the number to be activated.

All of these are meant to be free – in Nigeria, however in the UK, the Nigerian government contracted these out to companies who then charges Nigerians abroad a fee for their service.

Once you have obtained an NIN, you cannot apply for another one. If your NIN is lost, it is possible to retrieve. Call one of the enrolement centers to enquiry on how you can get it back.

NIN was introduced as a way of Nigeria building up a database system of its people, to be able to identify individuals and their characteristics.

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