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Jennie Jenkins: Age, Family, social media and more

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YouTube’s Jennie Jenkins is probably one of the most famous black OG content creators alongside others like Patricia Bright and Shirley Eniang.

She is best known for creating hair, beauty and make-up videos with a little splash of lifestyle. Lets learn five things about the BeautybyJJ.

Who is Jennie Jenkins, age and family

Jennie was born in Nigeria on 27 March 2023 to strong Christian parents who relocated to the UK with her two younger brothers now aged 31 and 25, one of them is named Josh.

Sadly, her mother passed away in 2005 to an unknown cause, and her pastor father remarried and had a little boy in 2010 called Harry.

She graduate from an unknown university with a psychology degree in 2012 after four years of studies, and landed her first job in a pharmacy, by this time she was already doing YouTube.

What is Jennie’s real name

Jennie’s real name is Chioma Jennifer Achumba with Chioma being the first name on her birth certificate, however she switched to making Jennifer aka Jennie her first name.

The name Chioma is from Igbo language in Nigeria which means someone with or bringing good luck.

Is Jennie Jenkins married?

Jennie is known to have a boyfriend whom she first unveiled on Instagram in June 2022. However fans only get to see just the back of his head, his arm, back and leg as she is a fiercely private individual.

She has only ever posted a boyfriend she was dating called Frenchie Adrian, and that relationship lasted around 3 months. Since then, Jennie has voiced concerns about bringing her relationships to social media because of what she has witnessed in other couples.

Jennie with her ex-boyfriend, “Frenchie” Adrian in 2013
Jennie’s current boyfriend whom viewers get the chance to see back of his head and other body parts but not his face as Jennie is sceptic about social media relationships. Credit: Instagram/JennieJenkins

How she started YouTube

Jennie started YouTube after watching make-up videos on the platform, becoming fixated with it all particularly MAC. She went out and got her own equipment and began uploading videos from August 2010.

Her social media

The beauty began her social media channel in August 2010. By November, she had 500 subscribers, some six months later in May 2011 she had 11,000 subscribers. She hit 16,000 subscribers only a month later in June, 30,000 in September 2011 and 100,000 in September 2012.

She currently has over 638k YouTube subscribers, 432k Instagram, 42.4k TikTok and 28.2k Twitter followers.

Catch Jennie here on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Twitter.

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