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Black talented youths emerged from the African Pride Awards 2017 which took place to recognise Black stars inspiring our race.

It brought about acts including ‘Comedian of the Year’ winner – Michael Dapaah.

There was another rising star though – in the form of Mikes Comedyy.

Mike like Dapaah is a comedian, rapper and actor, whose current jokes centre around a Nigerian Dad constantly irritated by his British son’s ways. The skits are kind of dark but hilarious.

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Behind the act, is a determined young guy with a promising future but only if hope his colourful past does not mingle with his future.

5 things we did not know about Mikes Comedyy

1. Nigerian Britico Dude

Mikes Comedyy, stage name Mike Olaribigbe is a 24 year old Yoruba guy who came into the ‘comedy’ limelight in 2012 – though he made headlines in previous years for other reasons.

2. Another Social Media King

Like Dapaah, Mike came out in popularity via social media – in particular snapchat –  with his Pampana Dilemma series.

He gained a lot of fans leading to spots on popular urban youth platforms GRM Daily and LinkUp TV, and has since increased his Instagram fan base to over 100k.

3. Pampana Snapchat Wha…t?

Mike ran a Jeremy Kyle style show called ‘Drama on Endz’ as part of his ‘Pampana’ series. It is unclear what it means.

The show attracted fan as he helped solve issues faced by youth guests.

Off the back of this, he signed a deal with Multi Talent Records, released a Pampana track as well as going on to release other projects through a Youtube channel of the same name.

4. Talking dolls

Owing to his Instagram skits, Mike earned his first movie spot on Nigerian movie – Talking Dolls.

The movie which centres around cheating and heartbreaks sees Mike advising his friend with the line “in the bible, it is  a sin to sleep with your sister, to sleep with your sister is a sin”

5. Murder rap snitch

Mike continually gets threats for allegedly snitching on his own people in the murder case of a 15 year old boy.

2 years ago, the gifted rapper, Santan Dave sternly warned Mike “I am gonna get you down” in a track for putting his brother in jail, and just last year a video video surfaced of Mike bean beaten by a gang.

In 2010, around 19 boys (including Mike) and one girl chased Sofyen Belamouadden into Victoria station ticket hall during an early morning rush hour.

In front of commuters, the gang, aged 15-16, stabbed Sofyen 9 times.

Mike and 3 others pleaded guilty to violent disorder, and though they were all sentenced, Mike was the only person not to serve jail time.

It was alleged Mike got away with no jail time because he testified and revealed information on the boys.

Mike has continually denied this plus there are no evidence of snitching (at least online).

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