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Proud Nigerians coming thru!

BBC don launch wetin them promise. The first of 11 languages wey dem go dey use take dey communicate the latest national and international news, entertainment and all for inside internet.

You fit access am here, but dem still dey facebook and Instagram.

Time go tell sha if this one na good idea because many people, especially Nigerians, dey look pidgin like dirty, low class language. But BBC fit don hammer o – over 75 million people dey speak am – for Nigeria alone.

What if we combine the other African countries wey dey speak pidgin?


Something dey this BBC style sha, because dem don first dey operate for Hausa, if e no dey successful dem for venture?

Even our biggest news network – Naijdotcom – dey operate Hausa version with success – nor surprise if dem too introduce pidgin.

BBC say Igbo and Yoruba language still dey come, plus other languages for their North Africa and Asia websites. From observations people dey hail the BBC, so we go dey see if dem go entertainment us well.

If you no understand this content or wan learn pidgin English, you fit buy some books to learn but here are some basic to get you started.

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