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Black Love Island couples who are still slaying together – series 8 2020 UK edition

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Tanya Mahenga and Shaq Muhammad are giving all the black love on this season 9 of Love Island.

The reality TV show initially had no black cast when it began until series 3, and even then only two black men appeared on the series. Series 4 and 5 saw a ramp up of more black contestants, as a result better chances of us seeing more successful black loves.

See the ones that are still a couple from season 8 (and the ones that have not made it).

Dami and Indiyah – Series 8

Stunning couple, Dami and Indiyah’s love captivated viewers of the show. source: Dami/Instagram

Dami and Indiyah’s love captivated viewers of the show, the couple went to take third place in series 8. Irish-born Dami, 26, was a senior microbiologist and model before going on the show while British-born Indiyah, 23, used to be a hotel waitress.

Indiyah was with Ikenna Ekwonna from day one when the show began until he was dumped. Throughout their time, sparks did not fly but at the same time she bonded much better with Dami, so it only made sense they coupled up once Ikenna was out of the picture.

Ikenna and Indiyah

Ikenna was couple up with Indiyah until he was dumped on day 15, paving way for her and Dami to couple up. Source: ITV

Ikenna from Nottingham was a Pharmaceutical Sales Associate before he found fame. The 23 year old was sadly dumped on day 15 after not winning viewers over. He is now a self employed content creator.

Deji Adeniyi and Lacey Edwards

Source: LaceyEdwards/Instagram

Deji entered the house as a Casa Amor bombshell on day 26, and found an attraction with Indiyah.

The couple entered the main villa to Dami’s shock even though Dami had also recoupled with Summer Botwe. It resulted in Dami and Indiyah exchanging words, including the now infamous line “may the best heartbreaker win”.

The following week, Dami and Indiyah recoupled leaving Deji to couple up with Coco, and later on Lacey Edwards.

The 25 year old and Lacey, also 25, were dumped on day 49. They carried on their relationship out of the house for some weeks before rumours he slept with Coco Lodge led to their split.

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Josh Le Grove and Summer Botwe

No romantic relationship followed after the show between Josh and Summer. Source: Instagram/SummerBotwe.

Josh and Summer, 22, were both Casa Amor bombshells brought back by, Danica Taylor and Dami, respectively.

But once Dami fell back into Indiyah’s arms it paved the way for 22 year old Josh to couple up with Summer. The couple were dumped the following week on day 39 as a result of having the fewest vote.

They found themselves at the centre of a row after Summer accused Coco of having some relations with Josh to which he cleared that he was only ever friends with Summer after they left the villa.

Chyna Mills and Jay Younger

Chyna was also a Casa Amor bombshell. She coupled up with Jay on Day 27 and was taken back into the main villa.

It was not long, however, before Jay, 28, quickly friend-zoned the 24 year old ex-Youth Support Worker leading to both being dumped on day 35 after receiving the fewest votes.

Chyna is now loved up with Strictly Come Dancing professional dance, Neil Jones

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