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Ikem Afia and Temidayo Awe, sentenced, among four people who drugged and killed a man for his watches

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A man had posted himself with two watches on Instagram, only for four people to target, steal and kill him for it.

Temidayo Awe, 21, and Surpreet Dhillion, 35, had seen the photo of the man, Saul Murray, on social media and chatted him through the media before moving the conversation to WhatsApp.

They agreed to meet Saul at his flat, and the two lades along with two men, Ikram Affia, 31 and Cleon Brown, 29 drove in a Mercedes A Class Brown had hired from London to Luton on 27 February 2023.

Awe and Dhillion are seen entering the communal entrance to Saul’s flat on CCTV in New Town Street, Luton. They engage in sexual activity before using GHB, a date rape drug, to knock him out.

The girls then ushered the boys, Affia and Cleon into the flat and stole the watches, as they have done to at least six other men, before leaving the building.

Saul, a dad of six, can be seen moments later on the CCTV limping completely naked towards the communal door before falling and dying.

At the trial, prosecutor Jane Bickerstaff KC said: ‘Mr Murray can be seen just a few seconds after the men. He is hobbling and completely naked. He opens the communal door and falls over and dies.’

It was a night shift worker that discovered the man covered in a pool of blood and called 999. An autopsy revealed he had died as a result of blood loss from a knife wound.

Affia, from Hackney in London, was carrying a large knife in his right hand, he was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 25 years on 3rd of March.

Dhillon, Brown, and Awe, were convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 10, 11 and 7 years, respectively.

Saul was selfishly killed by Affia, Dhillion, Brown and Awe for the watches he flaunted on Instagram. Source: BedfordshirePolice

In a victim personal statement, Saul’s father Colin Murray described Saul as a wonderful son. He said he had watched him die on CCTV. 

He said: ‘It is the last thing I think about before going to sleep and first thing I think about when I wake up.’

During sentencing, Judge Michael Simon said: ‘Nothing this court says or does can possibly repair the cavernous void in the hearts and lives of those to whom Saul Murray meant so much.

‘Something went wrong with the primary plan. Exactly what went wrong is beyond the court’s capacity to be sure of within the available evidence.’

After the sentence, Detective Inspector Dale Mepstead, from the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Major Crime Unit, said: ‘This was clearly a planned attack facilitated by Dhillon and Awe and carried out by Affia and Brown.

‘It’s obvious from the way the two women used a sedative substance on Murray and the fact Affia was armed with a knife that they were prepared to get what they wanted at any cost – which sadly was Murray’s life.’

He added: ‘This was a very lengthy and complex investigation, which involved scrutinising hours of CCTV, phone data, vehicle telematics and other evidence to place each of them at Murray’s flat at the time of the offence.

‘I hope that the knowledge that all four people involved in this horrific incident will be locked up for a very long time can bring some justice to Saul’s loved ones.’

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