Nella Rose becomes new host of MTV’s Catfish

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Nella Rose has bagged the hosting role for Catfish alongside regular host Oobah Butler.

Nella Rose joins Oobah Butler as host of MTV’s Catfish

The 24 year old have been steadily growing in popularity over recent years with her YouTube channel and podcast.

On joining the show, she said: “As somebody that has been watching Catfish since I was 14, it’s still so surreal to me that I’m part of the show. Nothing could have prepared me for the roller coaster I’ve had experiencing the show firsthand!”

“Being able to connect with people on another level has changed me completely and I’m so excited for everyone to see the more empathetic side to me that only those closest to me get to experience.”  

Nella is replacing Julie Adenuga on the show that exposes the realness and fake life of online dating in the UK.

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