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Ivorian doll revelations in specially made Homerton Thot diss track by Miss R Fabulous

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In her lyrical freestyle for GRM’s Daily Duppy, Ivorian Doll dropped a little over a one liner about Renee: “If I did get the D, then I might woi-oi, Cause if Insta died, then so would your career, you’d be the first to be employed”.

In retaliation, Renee brought the house down with a diss track.

Ivorian Doll aka Vanessa ‘IVD’ Mahi and Renee is a female drill rapper who was originally a YouTuber popular for her story times.

Her rapping abilities emerged recently following the Daily Duppy and her hit single – Rumours – both of which referenced Renee.

Vanessa and Renee have been fighting for two years. It was initially looking like a physical fight until the two wisely began to throw stones and bricks through music.

In the duppy, Ivorian Doll threw shade at Renee’s career as an Instagram influencer while playing on Renee’s popular saying: “woyoii”.

Renee, a YouTuber and an influencer who emphasis she is not a rapper came back with more.

So what was she saying?

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The Title

Thot – according to Oxford dictionary – means “a woman who has many casual sexual encounters or relationships”. In slang term, it means sl*t.

Homerton is a place in East London, UK, and known to be the home of dril rapping crew #98. Renee claimed multiple members of the crew slept with Ivorian Doll hence the title Homerton Thot.

The intro

Renee began her diss track with an intro of the main verse – she names the four boys allegedly to have bedded Vanessa within a week – it is supposedly meant to be “proof with receipts” that she was not lying about the claims.

The boys – Unknown T, V9, Jimmy, KO – are part of the popular 10-men Homerton core Drill rapping crew.

L-R: KO, V9 and unknown T are popular underground Drill artists that form 10-man strong group #98s. Source:

The group has a strong underground following having formed their name from Homerton being is a place in East London with the postcode E9 and a street named Holly with the postcode E8.

Following the name drop, listeners hear the voice of a lady. That lady is Vanessa, who had gone on live to voice her stress following a tumultuous year of attacks as a result of breaking up from her rap mate, Abigail Asante and the on-going fight with Renee Miss R Fabulous.

The Verse

Renee introduces the verse with threatening lines, “Think IVD wanna D-I-E so it’s “R.I.P”, better rest up” for talking about her again, before she pokes fun at the fact that IVD’s dad is a pastor but she is a ‘thot’ that has been passed around the boys of Homerton.

She knows her “heat be doing a lot” as her name carries weight, anything she does carries publicity.

Renee goes on to emphasis IVD’s body has already been “toured”, so she should not be talking about going on tours, and the ‘F you pay’ is a play on words referring to a track IVD featured with Headie One.


As the verse concludes, Renee continues Vanessa’s voice note from where it stopped in the intro. She mocks IVD’s cries before berating her for thinking she is Nicki Minaj, the American superstar.

Renee ends the track with the devious line, “Vanessa, you’re forgetting, I know where your Mum lives” -a threat to Vanessa to mind herself, because she can easily go, knock on the door and say “hello auntie” in a respectful innocent young lady’s tone, and the auntie will not know what’s up, but Vanessa does.

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