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In the on-going #EndSARS protests, the term soro soke is become a permanent-stay slogan for the movement.

Source: Twitter

Its being used either as “sore soke” or “sore soke werey”, so what does it mean?

Soro soke means “speak up”, it comes from the Yoruba language in Nigeria. “Werey” means made man, so when added to “soro soke”, it translates to “speak up, mad man” .

The phrase in relation to the contest can either be aimed at the oppressed individual who refuse to speak up, the hypocrite who is taking both sides of the fence or even the politician or leader in charge who is not clear on his stance against the protest

Another good example was when Manchester United drew against lower standard team, Southampton at the own football ground, Old Trafford.

Man Utd twitted "It ends all square at Old Trafford" to which a twitter user with the handle @sholaaaaaa responded "Soro soke werey ?????".

It translates to Man United was attempting to downplay their draw with a lower level football team where many would have expected them to do have done better, plus it was on their home turf.

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