COVID-19: Quarantine rules for persons entering Nigeria from United Kingdom

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Nigeria’s High Commission has issued a revised quarantine protocol to be followed by people entering Nigeria from the United Kingdom and elsewhere.

A summary of the requirements are below. Access detailed copy here.

1: Pre Departure from country of exit:

All passengers must have a PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) test that is within 72 hours pre-boarding or 96 hours at the most, all others will be rejected.

NHS or private clinic tests are acceptable, and children under 10 are exempt from obtaining a COVID-19 PCR test.

2: Register on Nigeria’s International Payment Portal

Along with your PCR negative test, a second test will be conducted on arrival to Nigeria.

For this to happen, travellers must register and pay for the test on the Payment Portal and it is advisable to register at least 96 hours before your travel date.

The test costs around N42,750 – N50,400 naira on the payment portal which may change.

On the portal, passengers will need to upload their approved PCR test, fill an online Health Declaration/Self-Reporting Form.

It is wise to print everything completed online and take with you on your travels.

If you are unable to make a payment, currently you can print out the temporary QR code to present at the airport though this may delay your exit out of the airport on arrival.

You can use SaferPorts portal to get your QR code instantly.

3: On arrival to Nigeria

Once you arrive Nigeria, you will go through the health screen checks and are required to present your PCR test result, evidence of payments/appointment for the repeat test (or QR code) and your international passport.

When you leave the airport, you must isolate for 7 days, and maintain strict social distancing.

on the 7th day, passengers must turn up at their agreed covid-19 test center location to get retested. There are consequences for those that breach the rule.

Those that pass the test, that is show a negative test result are released from quarantine.

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