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DaBaby has put Nigeria on the suave map following his viral Instagram video.

While he may not be Nigerian, DaBaby and his ‘gang’ were all dressed to the nines in traditional Nigerian attire to honour their best-friend’s heritage who was getting wedded.

Taking a puff out of his cigar, DaBaby begins his video by introducing the groom, Qualityentllc aka Thank-God Awute with: “It is a very special day today, my brother joins his bride….its a gangster party today with the gang”, paving the way for other members of the gang to shout out, “don’t play yourself” and “the committee has gathered” in the background.

Watch the video below

29 year old Thank-God got married to his long-term love over the weekend. They have a son together.

The fun video shows Thank-God dressed in his standout groom outfit of Gold kaftan top striped with purple together with a purple lace wrapper, while the others, all dressed as traditional groomsmen, wore white kaftan tops and red lace wrapper.

Their outfits were topped up with hats, beads and chains and multi-coloured high quality loafers.

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