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KSI: 1.4billion views, 17 million subs and £5 million…your British Nigerian YouTube giant

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The name KSI is fast becoming a household name worldwide, but among the young British crowd he has a cemented existence.

His estimated yearly earnings compiled for ‘How much are black Youtube stars making so far in 2017‘ was reading just over 4m. With figures updated regularly, in the space of a week his new estimated earnings stood at £5.2m.

He has 17 million subscribers (for his main channel).

Putting that into a perspective – the population of three of the largest cities in England is London – *8million, Birmingham *2.7m and Manchester *2.6m.

Another view point, KSI can drop a video and within 24hours it is recording more than a million views.

Who is KSI

KSI – real name, Olajide “JJ” Olatunji Jnr – is the son of Nigerians, Jide and Yinka Olatunji who features on his Youtube channel along with his brother, Deji aka Youtuber, ComedyShortsGamer.

His parents came from Nigeria as teenagers, met at a party before starting a relationship that would birth the two Youtube stars.

According to KSI in an interview with The Sun, Jide and Yinka were living in a tiny one room studio after he was born.

Both working hard, they eventually moved out of London and sent KSI to the posh Berkhamstead Independent School where he experienced racism as one of only two black students.

Now, Jide and Yinka can rest easy as they get their cut for appearing on their sons’ videos.

How he started on Youtube

Around aged 16 in 2009, KSI began uploading on Youtube when the site was barely known. He is now 24.

The Sun interview revealed he was a shy, introverted boy who could not hold a conversation with a girl.

When I started my YouTube channel, I never thought about money,” he explained over drinks at a pub in Pimlico, West London.

I never cared, i just showing people my skills on FIFA. I just started doing tricks, adding music and making it look sick.

That was my thing – just having fun with it.” The Sun

He turned his attention to music, writing ‘course’ raps to revise for lessons and exams. But it was the football video games he enjoyed playing and uploaded on Youtube that brought on fame, before adding music to that portfolio in 2011.

His unique selling point – filming himself play Fifa on Xbox while dishing out tips flavoured with banter.

Here comes the coins

After failing his A-level owing to dedication on YouTube, KSI was enrolled by his parents into an International Baccalaureate. In the 2nd year of the course, he quit as he began making good money.

By 2014, he had bought his parents house and acquired a Penthouse in Stratford.

KSI is worth at least 10 million or more from – Youtube, Sponsorship, clothing line, music, the Sidemen brand and other revenue streams.

A cheeky one

Fans know and are probably addicted to the controversial and sexually explicit content KSI is on his channel.

He discuss more on the subject and Youtube history in his best selling book – KSI: I am a Bell-end (US version – I am a Tool)

KSI’s book on:
Amazon UK
Amazon US
Ebay UK

Other random Facts

  • KSi is the ¹29th most subscribed channel on Youtube, and the 3rd British being One Direction and Ed Sheeran
  • He is the richest and most subbed of the 6 Sidemen formed in 2013
  • His original channel “KSIOlajidebt” remains dormant but still has nearly 5 million subs with an estimated yearly income of £230k in 2017

Checkout out the mansion JJ and Deji’s parents live in in Youtube video uploaded by KSI

*City statistics from Citymetric | 
Stats compiled from social blade | ¹Most subscribed information

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