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All efforts go into creating educative, entertaining and inspiring videos for their worldwide fans, but how much are black Youtubers being rewarded for their hardwork?

The black stars making waves on Youtube. L-R: KIS, Jackie Aina, Michael Dapaah, Patricia Bright, Mark Angel Comedy, Dimma Umeh

While there are countless numbers of black content creators among millions of YouTubers, 40 well known names have been compiled together to explore the financial rewards possible for being on the platform.

Amazingly, some of our are favourites are not making as much as thought whereas others are streaming fast ahead of their game.

Notably KSI, his brother – Comedy Gamer Shorts, Patricia Bright, Jackie Aina and Nikki Perkins.

Together the 40 YouTubers have 40+million subscribers accounting for 6 billions views and £8.6 million YouTube fees.

Of these, 42% of subs, 21% of views and 47% of wealth belongs to KSI. Add his other channel “KSIOlajidebt” and brother – Comedy Gamer Shorts – these two are literally the kings of black YouTubers.

KSI: 1.4billion views, 17 million subs and £5 million…so far on Youtube

The figures also revealed that most of the top 10 richest black YouTubers have other channels, while some over subscribed channels make questionable fees.

According to Forbes, top Youtube influencers can command money from social media, at a higher rate if a Youtube video is to be created


To an extent, a direct comparison is invalid since these stars provide content for different genres and video uploads are irregular for some. Besides these stars are probably earning more than others in sponsorships, on Instagram and Twitter.
Regardless, it makes for an interesting observation, considering how some of these Youtubers are over-hyped and how they portray themselves and lifestyles.

See the 40 popular black Youtubers in order of “richest” below.

Statistics compiled from Socialblade reveal black Youtubbers’ earnings ©

Figures were compiled from Social Blade on 26.08.2017 and are estimated and rounded up for easy viewing. Copyrights reserved.

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