Too young to die: R.I.P Tara Palmer Tomkinson

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She battled with drugs for years and spoke openly about it being the ‘death of her’ and now it is.

She died 08.02.2017 at just 45 years old. Never married or had children.

Tara dies aged 45 after 2 months after revealing she was in treatment for pituitary gland growth 

Despite her recent reveal on battling a non-cancerous growth in her pituitary gland, rumour is she had turned back to drugs – cocaine. 

Tara had being receiving treatment for the growth since January 2016 and thought all was going well until her latest blood test revealed she had brain tumour in January 2017, potentially a reason to seek solace in drugs to numb sadness.

Condolences poured into Tara’s Twitter page since her death was announced

She leaves behind her dad, mum, older sister and brother.

The news will also devastate the royal family whom she was really close to including Prince Charles being her Godfather and Kate Middleton – a close friend.

RIP, Sleep tight Tara.

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