Madonna’s latest children from Malawi and they are twins!

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She already has Mercy and David, both 11 years old from Malawi, but 2 more – twins – have joined the family.

Meet Madonna’s new additions.

Adoption process complete! Madonna introduces Esther and Stella to the world on Instagram

Esther and Stella lost their real mummy soon after their birth leaving the grandparents to look after them while their daddy re-married and created a new life.

Overwhelmed with looking after the girls and their siblings, the grandparents sends them to the Home of Hope orphanage where Madonna adopted them.

Madonna already have 4 children: (l-r) Rocco, 17, David, (adopted from Malawi in 2006), Lourdes, 20, and Mercy (also adopted from Malawi in 2009)

The girls’ father happily supported and signed court documents giving Madonna rights to his children because as the judge said; the twins will have “a luxurious, spacious and comfortable abode in an affluent neighbourhood” of the US.

The girls, Madonna and rest of family will briefly be monitored by Dominic Misomale, a government-appointed guardian, to see how they adapt in USA and report back to the government.

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