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Five things we all wanna know about Likkleman

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Once called Britain’s smallest prisoner, Likkleman has come a long way from life of crime to social media celebrity entertainer and boxer.

Five things we all wanna know about Likkleman. Source: Instagram/Likkleman

1. The man behind Likkleman

Likkleman, real name, Aiden Henry was born in Coventry, 1994. Born with dwarfism – standing at 3ft tall – the 28 year old grew up in a life of gangs and drugs.

He was raised by his mother with two sisters. In an Interview with LadBible, he never had his dad in his life as he was a drug importer who spent 10 years in a Panama jail.

2. How he ended up in prison

Likkleman got into life of gang and drugs around aged 10, notably, when he was in year six and took cannabis to school, attempting to sell it.

As a result his mum took him to boarding school for secondary where he stayed for 3 years until he was kicked out.

He ended up in prison aged 13, and was in and out until 2019.

3. Became a viral social media sensation as the little midget in prison

Likkleman was serving 32 months in jail for the burglary of a property in Rugby when he uploaded funny and audacious videos online, even though mobile phones are barred in prisons.

Within 48 hours, he had gained over 62,000 social media followers.

4. Turning his life around

Following his new found fame from prison, Likkleman broke the prison gangster lifecycle when he came out in 2019. He ventured into entertainment and boxing, gaining even more adoring fans.

5. His love life

Likkleman was recently setup on a “date” by his friend, Bouncer of Play Dirty, with a beautiful dwarf Romanian lady called Valentina.

Whether the coupling is real or purely for entertainment purpose remains to be seen as Valentina is an OnlyFans model, and Likkleman only recently just had a baby girl.

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