Woah, what a transformation! YouTuber Chanel Ambrose has changed

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Chanel Ambrose dropped a new lifestyle video looking noticebaly in a slimmer frame.

In the video, the Youtuber who once made a video on how she loved her weight revealed the secret to how she lost weight.

Chanel admitted that she has had

a gastric bypass weight loss surgery. A gastric bypass is where the stomach is divided into top small and lower large pouches, and the small intestine is connected to the small pouch.

It means you only eat a small amount of food and makes you feel full really quickly.

A gastric bypass’s result is much quicker and produces long term result.

Ambrose admitted that it was very difficult to lose weight naturally, and that she had to loose weight.

She says its one of the best things she has done for herself because its the “confidence that’s given me, its the boost of self-esteem its given me, its the clarity, its the weight off my shoulder and just this new positive spin on my life that has transformed my lifestyle, that is why I am so content. I am just happy that its the best thing I have ever done”.

In a 2015 video Chanel detailed how she was born as a big baby and has been big ever since. Her mum and doctor attempted to help her loose weight, she was bullied, she attempted suicide and was depressed, which played on her confidence.

She made the video to highlight her journey and how she then felt comfortable with her weight.

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