“I’m pregnant”: The Mazelees are having ANOTHER baby (Video)

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The Mazelees are expecting baby number eight!

Mama Alana and papa Joe dropped the announcement on their YouTube channel in the early hours of this morning.

Alana took a pregnancy test while Joe went out for his morning bike ride, and surprised him with the news on his return.

When Joe sees the tests, Alana asks “are you happy?” to which he replies calmly;“yes, peaceful happy”.

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Then Alana talks about how she has developed a strong sense of smell as a result of her pregnancy. She says to Joe, “I can smell your body, like a lot”.

Joe asks, “what do I smell like?”, Alana replies, “Like sweet, a little bit sweet…today it does not smell good”. As they speak on, she says “I like having babies with you Joe” to which he nods extremely calmly.

Alana goes on “It shows how much we love each other”, Joe replies “we have good collaborations”.

Alana makes no secret of wanting one more child – a boy. She says “I would love to have another boy, then after that I’m done having children” Joe asks “what if its a girl?”

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She replies “I’m still done with having children, we can adopt some. I don’t want to be pregnant anymore, this is my last time, I am geriatric y’all, meaning old person pregnancy”.

Joe says “Is it that you have a lot of eggs, or is that my sperm is really strong?”

Baby number eight joins seven other siblings, and will likely be baby A2 since the others name all start with an A and the family have not yet revealed baby number 7’s name.

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