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#Justiceforsylvester: How my 12-yr-old son was bullied and beaten to death in Lagos boarding school, a heart-wrenching video account by his father

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Outrage ensued over the death of Sylvester Oromoni Jr – the handsome boy with a bright future ahead.

Given no chance at life, Sly – as was fondly known – was allegedly killed by his seniors at school following more than a year of bullying.

His father, Mr Sylvester Omoroni Snr sat with the Punch Newspaper to give detailed account of how his little boy – his youngest child – was bullied and beaten to death at the hands of Dowen College SS2 boys.

Sylvester Jr was going to be 12 years old on December 4th before he was mercilessly killed.

Sylvester Snr, a Warri-Delta state based man, had sent four of his children including Sylvester to Dowen College. When Sylvester joined as a Junior Secondary School (JSS1) student, his two older sisters were in SS3 and SS1.

It was from JSS1 he began having issues and receiving threats from senior students. However because of his sisters, Senior Secondary School (SS3) boys were able to calm the situation and protect Sylvester.

Shortly after a new start into JSS2 in 2021, as dad would recall, his 50k naira worth of provision disappeared in the space of a week. His money, clothes, shoes were also taken but Sylvester did not reveal the bullying, instead accepted the scolding from dad who thought his son was misusing the provision.

His new start into JSS2 saw him put in the same room as the SS2 bullies.

In October, he was beaten by the SS2 seniors for refusing to agree that he has seen his SS2 sister’s private part. Despite his London-based eldest brother reporting the incident to the school, nothing other than moving the young boy to a different room and suspending one of the boys was done.

On Monday 22nd November, Mr Omoroni Snr’s wife was called by a nurse from the school’s sick bay saying Sylvester was sick and should be taken home – an agreement was made to pick him up the next day.

Asked how he fell sick, Sylvester said he fell while playing football.

However, Sylvester’s father narrated when family members went to pick him up, “the whole body, if you even want to carry him, he couldn’t move, anywhere you touch he will be shouting and his mouth was burning with signs of peeling.

Sylvester could not stand, eat and shouting my waist, my back, everywhere in the night, no one could sleep – you have to carry him to toilet, if you want to wee you carry him, anything, then he will be turning he will be telling you press here, press my chest, my throat, my throat, my throat, small time e go say my back, turn my leg, wait o carry the leg small small, he will be shouting every part of the body. What happened? He will tell you, I fall”

All through the pain, he did not confess anything. Even in the incident that happened in October, he said nothing. When he eventually did, he was crying scared that they will kill him.

Sylvester was taken to a doctor in Warri who said there was no dislocation, however, “everywhere was swollen – he will be opening his mouth”. He was taken to their family doctor who diagnosed him with malaria and they started treating him for that.

On Monday 29th November, he finally confessed that he did not play ball, rather “he was in his room sleeping when the boys walked into his room put out the light and started beating him with belt, then he fell from his bed and they started matching him with their legs, at the end they gave him something to drink he did not know what they gave him – he said they were 5 including Benjamin Favour, Aslem and Kasamu michael. “

“Then they threatened all other students if they talk they will kill them hence he did not say anything until the Monday”.

He said to have died on 30th Novermber 2021.

Lagos State Police continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of Sylvester while the 1.2 million Naira a year school is said to be closed indefinitely.

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