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Aaron Francis: Did y’all know these 5 things about the smooth talker

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Aaron saw the end of his Love Island journey last week, leaving with his coupled up partner, Lucinda Strafford.

Privately educated Aaron Francis entered Love Island season 7 2021 villa. Source: Aaronfranciis/Instagram

A lot is already known of him – he is a 6 foot 3 guy who works in high end event for celebrities, VIP, musicians, supermodels, most notably the royals, Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice.

There are other sides to Aaron that are not well known – check them out below.

1. The private school boy

Aaron is the youngest of four children with two sisters and a brother.

He was sent to posh private schools from age 5 stating that although his parents were not very wealthy, they sacrificed a lot to get him there.

Aaron Francis and his family. Source: Aaronfranciis/Instagram

He attended the Merchant Taylor’s School from year 7, where fees starts from an estimated £22,000.

Determined to make his parents proud, Aaron set his sights on a financial career, studying International Relations and Economics at Birmingham University from 2015 to 2019.

He turned his back on that idea to continue pursing the more spontaneous life of events he took up while in Birmingham.

2. He does YouTube on the side

As well as working in celebrities events, Aaron does YouTube on the side – uploading a variety of how to videos that has sophisticated tone to them.

The videos are themed around dating, men’s skincare routines and travelling.

3. Suffered racism in private school

Aaron expressed his experience as one of two black people in his year at secondary school. As they were just two, there were endless rivalry between them.

They constantly competed for who ‘the best black kid’ was in whatever subject or activities they participated in, and when they both succeeded over others in for example sports, the excuse was that “black people are naturally more athletic”.

If other non-black fellow students did well, it was considered to be down to their individual capability.

4. How he made it onto Love Island

Aaron told Metro “I was messaged on Instagram. To be fair, I wasn’t really thinking about the show because I was away. I was in the Middle East and I thought I was going to be there for months.

“When I got the message, I actually said thanks but I’m away for three months so I don’t think I’ll fit.”

However, the producers informed him that they could squeeze him into the series when he returned, so he remained opened to the idea.

5. His Love Island Intro

Aaron had been single for around seven months before Love Island, he felt covid-19 was prohibiting his opportunity to find love again. On entering, his full introduction was,

“I work at celebrities, VIP, musicians, supermodels. yeah I am confident, I am tall, 6″3′ so I kind of stand out anyway, and then also I kind of do walk with a bit of a swag. my flirting never fails, its always eye contact, strong eye contact and a smile.”

“Girls often mistake my confidence for arrogance but here is the thing if I like you am putting my heart into you 100%, I have never cheater, I have been single for seven months, it might not seem that long but honestly it feels it now, am looking for someone serious. I cant wait to meet the fit girls this summer.”

“I am usually someone that stays compose but I am not sure if I am going to able to this time., I am such a softie I love a cuddle I think I am a good boyfriend. Obviously you know you have to ask my exes but I think I am, of course”

‘I’m a family guy. I do prefer relationships – I love a cuddle personally. My dream really is to start a family, obviously not now I don’t want to rush things but I’ve had a couple of year and a half relationships and in between that done a bit of dating but I haven’t gone crazy.’

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