Love Island Nigeria to debut in October – Viewers abroad can watch too

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It was first annouced back in September 2020, that Nigeria has landed its own version of the popular UK originated show – Love Island.

The UK version of Love Island is et to debut in October 2021. Source: ITV

Its debut has now being confirmed to air from October 2021, and viewers from different part of the world will be able to watch.

While specific countries to be aired in was not confirmed, it is expected to broadcast to millions of entertainment fans via the FreeTV’s free to air and premium channels such as ONTV, MTV Base, as well as digital streaming via 9Vision mobile app.

Speaking to an audience including representatives from the UK Department of International trade, Toyin Subair, Executive at Digital Play Africa said “The idea is to up and exhibit our production value on television. Yes, we have many reality TV shows in Nigeria, but most of them are not shown outside Nigeria. Love island is an exhibition of the best of Nigeria’s television production outside Nigeria. It will air in Nigeria, and would also air, the same way, in different parts of the world.”

Subair explained further: “Because of how strong the product value is, and because it’s going to be the first of its kind as an all black Love Island in the whole world, and it is also going to be available digitally and on Free to air TVs across the world, it shows that we are about to exhibit everything including our production, relationships, and lifestyle to the rest of the world. That is what we plan to do with Love Island.”

The show already has its own Instagram and twitter handle including Instagram – @loveisland_nigeria, Facebook – @LoveIslandNigeria and tiktok – @loveislandnigeria.

Love Island is a reality TV dating show where young men and women couple up with one another in an effort to find love. By the end of the show, a couple – voted by viewers – stand to win £50,000, and they can choose to share the money with one another or keep it all to themselves.

The UK version is set to return on screens on 28th June 2021 after its 2020 summer version was postponed due to COVID-19 and the news that its alumni lovebirds Mike Boateng, 25, and Priscilla Anyabu, 25, who finished fifth in the 2020 winter series, are rumoured to have split.

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