Where is Oluwa Blanco from?

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New YouTuber, Oluwa Blanco is fast gaining popularity as she entertains fans over on the social media platform with her story times.

Is rising social media star, Oluwa Blanco Nigerian or Jamaica? Source: OluwaBlanc/Instagram

She recently gained popularity following a social media spat with fellow YouTuber, Renee Donaldson who allegedly made comments about one of her videos.

The funny lady whose real name is Esther, stood out because of the way she speaks, mixing English and patois, plus her name sounding very Nigerian.

Oluwa means God in Yoruba, and the hilarious lady is really from Nigeria who speaks fluent Yoruba but once said “honestly I blame being raised in north west London as well as having jamo family as well.. all of it joined together has really finished me.”

She is sometimes called the Eniola Badmus of London given her similarities to the Nigeria-based popular actress.

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