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The sad two year fight between Miss RFabulous and Ivorian Doll

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Ivorian Doll staked full claim as a Drill rapper when she appeared on GRM Daily to perform her daily duppy.

Best Friends turned frenemies Miss R Fabulous and Ivorian Doll. Source: Instagram

In the process, the influencer turned rapper name drops other influencers and artists from Miss R Fabulous aka Renee and Sideman to Lady Leshurr, Wretch and Abigail whom were not literally named but referenced.

Renee, never one to back down, dropped a ‘Homerton Thot’ diss track within 48 hours as a reply, and it seems there will never be an end to the drama that started two years ago.

Where it all began?

Renee, 25, and IVD aka Vanessa Mahi, 22, met via social media DMs and became close friends. At some point Renee began to hear rumours that Vanessa always gossiped about her behind closed doors.

She got to witness this for herself when IVD was staying over at her place. IVD and her friend were texting about a picture involving Renee, the friend was saying negative things and IVD was laughing.

Renee was expecting to be defended but she was not, it made her start to distance herself from their friendship.

The unforgettable live snapchat fight

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when Renee went on Instagram Live with a now ex-friend, Jayde Blac, and expressed her dislike for IVD’s actions.

In response, Vanessa goes live on snapchat whilst at an event, saying people are always having issues with her without having the guts to come to her face to face. She gives her current place of address in Shoreditch and orders her frenemy (Renee) to come see her.

Triggered, Renee leaves her house in pyjamas in the early hours of 23rd December 2018 to meet Vanessa. She films her journey, and in the process reveals IVD’s sexual encounters – with four different men in one week – that gave her STIs. It was a story that IVD had told Renee in private.

All four guys are revealed in her diss track, Homerton Thot.

When Renee arrives to the venue, IVD was no where to be found but her rap mate, Abigail Asante was present. Renee takes her anger out at Abigail physically, before going to IVD’s house but she was also not there.

A couple of days later, Vanessa calls Renee to try and re-start the fight, but the conversation was a lesser intensive moment than she had hoped for.

Some 8 months later, the girls seems to have reconciled, confirming this with a YouTube video that ‘addressed the situation’ – until Vanessa dropped her viral track – Rumours.

What IVD said about Renee in Rumours

IVD was an influencer, a YouTuber known for her story times, but she also rapped in a duo with her friend, Abigail Asante.

The two made a couple of diss tracks aimed at Renee following their ‘addressing the situation’ make-up video. Then in December 2019, IVD splits from Abigail and goes solo.

Her first single was titled Rumours.

Dropped in April 2020, the track poked fun at the sl*t shaming rumours that was started by Renee’s revelation.

She targets Renee specifically with these lyrics “a weak bitch talking’ loudly, Big bad body girl, yeah, that’s blocks”.

IVD was attacking Renee’s botched body following a BBL surgery in Turkey that went wrong.

The video became a hit with over 5 million views so far.

WOYOII! Renee’s comeback to IVD

In June, Renee retaliates by dropping Woyoii, poking fun at Vanessa with “Who me? F*uck four man in a week, that can never be we, fam”.

The song has attracted under 800k views to date.

Four months later, IVD raps in Daily Duppy. Within 48 hours, Renee drops a diss track, and the story is to be continued.

Renee did a story time about what went down in the event as she describes IVD as a little boy and Abigail Asante as a baboon

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