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Queen Naija is a 25 year old America R’n’B singer and a YouTube star with over 4.7 million subscribers on her channel.

She is half Arab as a her father whom she does not know is a Yemeni, while remainder background is of Black and Italian mix.

She likes to go by the stage name Queen Naija, and coincidentally Nigeria, the West African country is often called Naija as a shortcut version of its full name.

Given the 25 year old is much younger than the country, Naija, was she inspired to give herself that stage name?

The short answer is NO.

In an interview wit DJ Smallz Eyes, Queen Naija revealed, “my stage name is my birth certificate name. I was born with this name and my mum specifically named me Queen Naija because she said it will be a good stage name, because she knew I will be a star.”

Her name ‘Queen’ came from my mum and ‘Naija’ came from my Dad.

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